It wasn’t the typical start to a Wednesday… Our weekly meetups have been dark, with the slow trickle of head lamps and cars scrambling for a parking spot. However, one particular morning, it began with tears. What usually is a simple embrace, became a full on clutching onto/holding the person up as they briefly crumbled. What came next was eye opening…

In telling a story (which has been requested to be untold), it became clear that whether your world is crumbling around you OR it’s all rainbow and sunshine, there is always something/someone that holds it all together, it helps put the pieces back in place; keeps everything whole…

The Glue. 

This resonates on a couple different levels… 

Observing from a personal level – what’s your “glue”? What is the one thing that your family or friends do? What are your traditions? With the holiday season fast approaching, it may be time to check in with yourself… Gifts are one thing, but is there something you always get someone because it reminds you of something amazing/hilarious/special? Is there an activity or annual trip you take? WE all have something that we hold dear to our hearts.

Looking at it from a co leader/November Project perspective, what’s our “glue”? What’s the thing or things that keep you coming back? Is it the Accountability to others; the promise you made; the ride you offered? Is it the Community aspect; the people; the sense of belonging? Is it the Just Show Up mantra; the FOMO; the Hype? As we are about to enter into Summit 7.0 weekend, we will see SO MANY people from SO MANY different cities coming together to celebrate and bask in The Glue. If you have yet to experience the magic of a Summit weekend, just take the funnest, weirdest, biggest workout your city has ever had, multiple that by roughly A MILLION and that’s Summit. A wildly weird weekend that shows you why we show up. Every week. 52 weeks a year. No matter what. 

Photo Credit Thai Truong



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