The Gagnon Babysitters Club (BAL)

Tomorrow morning you will have some new babysitters as your Mom & Dads head out to sit at the adult table and bitch & moan about politics  and organic turkeys. The couple known as the Gagnons will be doing shadow puppet shows behind the couch and ordering pizza late into the night as they take over Friday’s NP workout. Treat them nicely, as they are probably the two most amazing people that we know. They are hospitable, kind, generous, and have embraced this community head on. Before you go and give them a hug tomorrow morning, read a little about their story and why they now love Baltimore so much. Emma & Tyler, take it away. (Okay, Tyler – I think these are your words. I saw the word “I” in there)


Moving to Baltimore was hard. We left behind a comfortable setting, in a city where friends and family were close by, and embarked on a new adventure. When we first got here, we struggled to find ways to meet people, and were very apprehensive about the decision that we made.

That all changed in the summer when we made the decision to take a leap of faith and show up at 5:30am to work out with a group of people we had never met. For us…or for me at least…this was a big step. We certainly enjoy our creature comforts, and our idea of a wild Friday night is a trip to the dog park and some TV on the couch, so stepping into a totally new group of people in a totally new place was daunting.

After that Wednesday workout, even though we barely said a word to anyone, we knew we were onto something life changing. We showed up again that Friday, and by the time we left that morning, we were hooked. The love, respect, interest, and passion of the people we have met through November Project is astounding, and entirely changed the way we viewed Baltimore, and changed the way we viewed our time here. Suddenly we went from total outsiders, itching to move back to Charlotte, to finding ourselves really loving our new life here, and looking forward to meeting and connecting with such wonderful individuals.

Wining the Positivity Award a few months back was equal parts honor and call-to-action. While we had been Wednesday morning workout faithful’s since starting NP, we had yet to really dip our toes into the social side of the group. After winning the award that week, we made a commitment to build on these connections we were making, and the results have been amazing. We have found a whole new community of friends eager to welcome us as part of the tribe.

Being able to combine our passion for fitness with the chance to connect and spend time with exciting, passionate people has been one of the most enriching experiences either of us could ask for, and has really made our home away from home feel like a place where we belong.

To everyone we have the pleasure of sweating alongside every Wednesday morning, thank you for coming into our lives at the perfect time. Your encouragement, energy, and friendship has meant the world to us, and we are excited every week to keep showing up!

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