The Denver Tribe Goes Home for Christmas

A few short words about today’s small tribe: The Denver crew is a melting pot, which is cool until everyone leaves the state to go to their respective homes for Christmas and only three people show up to the Christmas eve workout.  Even that’s a generous statement given that only two thirds of todays trio were Denverites.  But in the wise words of our DC ambassador (the remaining one third): “Where there are three, there is a tribe.” Fuck ya there was. In honor of our melting pot tribe we did one big mashup of a workout. We came, we crunched, we burpeed, we ran, we hopped up stairs, we ran up them too, we hugged, we took a lot of selfies and we left. Thanks to Matt of DC for coming out to rep the east coast. To the Denver tribe, we missed you and understand your need to be with your families for the holidays.  We still love you and can’t wait to ring in a crazy, awesome, take over the world, 2014 with you. But not you, Christina Maggio. You verbal’d and didn’t show up. I hope cuddling your pillow this morning while dreaming of Chuck Bass modeling the latest Lacoste fashions felt extra good knowing you broke a Chirstmas promise. I can’t lie, we missed you!

Happy Christmas ya’ll. Safe travels everyone!

-Mile High Molly



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