Those sneaky, sneaky PR Days will getcha!

ALRIGHT, Alright, alright! Afternoon Humans, bots, and stray cats!

DAY 3 with a #latergram post from Brooklyn, NY – seems like the best time to do a test trial of this whole blog situation…


Today is the third Wednesday of the month and we are officially proclaiming them to be our PR Day, EVERMORE! What is PR Day? Let me explain: read more

October Everything (12.10.16)

This morning was about getting to know a mini tribe within the tribe and running faster than Indiana Jones. Normally I’d go into it, let you all know how much I love and appreciate you people, etc. but we have a lot to throw at you right now:


This weekend:

Sunday: If you are running, on the post that I initiate in the social group, write your bib number and the distance you are running. Wear #grassrootsgear and we will cheer our faces off for you. If you are not running, come cheer at the cheer zone by Running Junkies. If you want to help set up, we will be there at 7:30 AM. If you want to drink, bring some beer (or whatever). If you want to hold a sign, make a kick ass sign and we will take pictures of you looking like a pro cheerleader (you don’t have to run to be a badass). If you want to throw confetti and dance around, #justshowup. Location: here, right smack in front of the Rijksmuseum, on the side of the road, not the iamsterdam sign. read more