Emily, Emily, Emily. (We Missed You)

This blog was inspired by your absence at today’s workout, not just one letter but all the letters that make up your name, and the title sung just like Frank Sinatra does here: https://youtu.be/kvLTsJdX0V4

Dear Emily,

Tomorrow is my birthday, and Maggie & I thought it would be FUN to give everyone shinny new PR’s (personal record for a route or course attempted / completed) to celebrate a day early. read more

How Dare You, Nick? (Brooklyn, NY)

This blog was brought to you by two guest bloggers, David and Tara, who felt personally victimized by the missed #verbal of Nick Collins…


You were so excited about the new PR course. What happened? PR Day is YOUR DAY.

And yet, when we checked on your welfare, we thought we’d get a better excuse… read more

Is it just me.. or are my legs going to be hungover tomorrow – YWG

Winnipeg Notes:

  • Winter clothing donation
  • Friday November 16th – LAST OUTDOOR FRIDAY
  • FAFFBMH (can’t figure this out..? keep reading)
  • Positivity Award goes to….

When you wake up tomorrow morning, and wonder why it is that you feel like you’ve been hit by a semi truck..just remember about that beautiful bridge that links the Forks to St-Boniface and reminisce about the fact that you lunged there yesterday morning..and ..oh yeah..then waited in various forms of squats until the leaders said to partner up. The shortest of the pair was to run to the end of the bridge and back towards their bear-crawling partner and switch until you both make it back to the Forks. I’m giving myself full bragging rights about being the best and fastest bear-crawler out there! I’m fully open to a challenge, if anyone is up to it. We also did some other stuff that I’m not going to tell you about …cuz FOMO. read more

I Whip My Hare Back And Forth

Somebunny (WE!) Missed You, Emily!

A Press Release by Tayler Covington

=&0=& – (March 28, 2018) – The November Project Brooklyn tribe announced today that they missed Emily during the NP Easter Edition eggsercise. On March 27, 2018, Ms. Hagan explicitly dropped an “eggcelent #verbal” on Instagram and failed to follow through, resulting in the collective sadness of the tribe.


Emily, your punny verbal had me looking on the sunny side because verbals mean no eggscuses, #justshowup. I was sad when I didn’t see your trademark blonde top buns at the top of the stairs this morning… It’s like you just didn’t carrot all. I’m dyeing to know what could have possibly been more eggciting than showing up for a 6:28am NP-themed Easter Egg Hunt. Our eggspert leaders treated us to piggyback rides and whispers of sweet nothings that had us cracking up – but at the end of the day it would have been even better with you, because there’s nobunny like you, Emily. You’re our peep and we’re eggstatic to have you in the tribe.

“Verbals are do-or-dye,” someone probably said at some point in time. “Eggward Scissorhands once said, ‘I am not complete.’ We are not complete without you, Emily. You are a cool chick who might consider hatching better plans to follow through on verbals – after all, verbals imply the best-laid plans. Let the record show that I added the Scissorhands quote solely to use Eggward.”

Also, we did a bunny ears photo. Your trademark top buns would have made a hoppy contribution but since you’re not in the photo, I gave you some bunny ears in MS Paint so that you didn’t get left out.

Haters will say it’s photoshopped…

You’re welcome.
Disclaimer: I am not sorry for any puns used in this post and take none of them back.

WE MISSED YOU PHIL MINA: A Special #NP_NYC Birthday Edition by Lew Leone

This week, #NP_NYC celebrated our fourth birthday in style. We had balloons, confetti cannons, treats and even Mother Nature kicked in a little something called #WinterStormQuinn. With friends old and new, we worked out hard, laughed a lot and got to wondering about all those that we wished were there. That’s when our man Lew Leone said ” hey! Phil verballed and he’s not here!”  There can be only one response…

We missed you Phillip Mina, by Lew Leone

It was great to hear from you Phillip and the verbal was unsolicited. NP NYC was celebrating its 4th birthday after all and other than Vader (newly minted Bronx High School of Science selectee) you would have been the next closest in age.

What did the swordfish say to the marlin on prom night?… Looking sharp! You knew there had to be a Dad Joke in this post.

Well we were off at 5:28 quicker than a cheap prom dress and assumed you meant your verbal was for the 6:28 Celebration.

TBH in all of the commotion and conversation during the workouts. (Including regaling Caitlin Dilena with all of the Spencer Pratt exploits) I forgot that you had sent me the text.


Young Phillip the time honored lesson of “ We Missed You” sometimes just has to be learned the hard way.

And just like your beloved Giants couldn’t get out of their PJ’s all year you left us hanging.

We do however know there was one event you would never miss.

Here’s hoping that you bring your positive attitude, energy, intensity and sense of humor to the next workout!

ROBbing us of your Voice – We Missed You


Once…twice…three times a verbal. That’s what I gave in the wee hours of New Years Day. But where were you this morning Rob?

When I woke up, yeah I knew I was gonna be…was gonna be the girl who works out next to you. But when I called your name like a little prayer at Morningside Park, there was no answer. That’s cold, buddy — cold as ice.

There were nights when the wind was so cold, and you’ve shown up. There were days when the sun was so cruel! And you, our weatherproof co-leader, have shown up. But not this morning. Not even a blessing of the rains down in Africa could get you out of bed.

Were your arms too tired from those heavy beers? Was a two hour nap between closing out the bar and bouncing in 6 degree darkness not enough? Or were your vocal chords just sore, you jukebox hero?

Me too. I could’ve been sleeping in my bed, but under threat of my own “We Missed You” I woke myself up to go go instead.

*Sigh* Oh yeah, life goes on long after the sting of a broken verbal is gone. I won’t stop believing in you, Rob. But I’m very disappointed.

A Woman Who Keeps Her Verbal,


Men [not] at Work(out) WMY, Jack! (DCA)

Is there something in the water? Are people going to far too many holiday parties? Plainly, what is GOING ON in Washington, DC?! Three WE MISSED YOUs in a week — c’mon Tribe, get it together.

This one goes out to you, JackyCat. And don’t even try that “it was my second last night in America” crap because we’re not buying it. Ever heard of November Project exceptionalism? It means that we go to workouts no matter how hard we partied the night before. So Jack, what happened? read more

Sophie, Jeff, Tommy, Sherm, and Jen – WE MISSED YOU

I was on a mission last night.

There was a pop-up “picnic” of sorts going on in the city that a few thousand people were attending at Franklin Square, right near the Ben Franklin Bridge.

A decent amount of tribesmembers were in attendance and I made an effort to get as many verbals as possible, with SnapChat being my documentation device. I didn’t really have to do any convincing; those that committed and dropped a verbal did so without hesitation. And you know what? That’s probably what stung the most. The eye contact. The unwavering vocal commitment to just show up. And then… disappointment. Heck, I was there! I was in the trenches with you all. So that can’t be used as an excuse. Sure, I had to duck out a little early, but I also can’t just roll up to the workouts at 6:25AM. read more

We Missed You Coda

On Friday we ALMOST had the largest gathering of gingers in Philadelphia at a single workout. I say ALMOST because long time ginger tribe member,  Liz Coda, was nowhere to be found. How can a redhead miss a St. Patricks Day event?!? Don’t they live for this day and love wearing green?!?


This past Thursday was your Birthday, we even celebrated it on Wednesday with singing, some intense pointing and even nose touching/pressing. Was it too much? Is that why you didn’t return to our next workout? Maybe it was because you stayed up too late on Thursday night crushing shirley temples at Buffalo Billiards. I texted you saying Happy birthday and you responded with a “Thanks! See you tomorrow morning”, SO I set my alarm and went right to bed, excited to see you bright and early. read more

The Tale of the Broken Verbal

Twas the night before NP, when all through FB, postings and postings about meeting to…run pool.  Plans were made and verbals were given, to meet at 550am to run like… pigeons? (Sorry, turns out this rhyming thing is pretty difficult)


I waited at our meeting spot on the street but you never showed!  Uber drivers passed, other runners ran by, and the 7-11 “crew” just stared at me like, “why is this kid standing on a street corner in shorts at 550am?”  I was so lonely!

I know you probably tried.  FB messenger showed that you were active 38 minutes earlier so you were so close!  Your story as to why you didn’t make it has many holes!  What really happened?  Stayed up too late watching the Bachelor?  Did you make some delicious meal and fall into a food coma?

Are you secretly an undercover agent and were up late saving the world?

Kim Possible or Ruth??
Kim Possible or Ruth??

Are you secretly a heavy gambler and got stuck at the casino?  If you did I hope you made it big!

Queen of Hearts & of breaking verbals
Queen of Hearts & of breaking verbals

Or did you just go wild at The Front Page’s free taco night last night and drank 1 too many Coronas?



Either way, me and all of us at NP aren’t mad…we’re just disappointed.