Like Any Birth (IND)

This morning, on NP’s sixth birthday and following WS game 6, we recreated November Project’s birth. Like any birth, it was wet, nasty, and sloppy, heart-warming, beautiful, and unifying. Aside from our hearts, there was nothing warm about it; Shaw’s lips were so frozen that he couldn’t even complete a sentence. Unlike most births, this reenactment featured pumpkins, costumes, and dignitaries (looking at you, Judge Rob, played here by Stew W., and Barrack Obama(?)) read more

I Want to Ride My Bic-YCLE! (IND)

Shaw promised a funnier blog post this week . . . then he left the blog up to me.  [Prepare yourself; it’s a loooong one.]  But for any complainers, as my kindergarten-teaching wife taught me, “You get what you get, and you don’t throw a fit.”  I’m beginning to wonder if grade-school level references are a subtle secondary theme on the day. [See bounce description for further info; also, in attempting to use footnotes in this blog post—law school has drilled citation standards into my brain while attempting to drain me of any personality in my writing—I found out footnotes don’t work in WordPress blogs.] read more