The first time I learnt about Juneteenth was seeing this race number logo on the National Black Marathoners Association website, the words “Free to Run” really struck a chord in my heart.  Even without context I knew it had a deeper meaning than how simple the act of running was. The words of the NBMA below explains it better than I ever could. 
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The Whole Tribe has Crabs!

This morning, legs made their debut appearance. YES, bare-freaking-legs. Perhaps it was my father’s proud love of his calves that sparked this movement in Charm City today, we cannot be sure. Whatever the reason, we were all too happy to beat the ground in weather over 20 degrees to earn our fifteen.

“Fifteen?” You kindly ask. Fifteen letters in ‘November Project.’ Fifteen reasons to say “hell yes” to getting out of bed in the morning. Fifteen sets of sprints, push-ups, perfect planks, and sexy squats to earn those fifteen capital letters and wear them proudly on our new #GrassrootsGear (Flashback to high school varsity? Too soon for that crap?)

Our tribe members stripped their clothes (hello 36 degrees!) and jetted down the distance, leaving no (wo)man behind. We tagged. We hugged for awkwardly long periods of time. We admitted we all had crabs for the sake of our new mascot. And we admired the most perfect sunrise through our sweat-filled eyes.

Bare calves and all, we earned every one of those fifteen-freaking-letters. The NP Baltimore tribe, even while looking for lice-killing lotion, is stronger than ever.

P.S. So many props to Melanie for killing the gear-tagging and Joe for the to-die-for crab stencil. We couldn’t have done it without either of you!