Love Letter to NP – A Guest Blog by Robin Schuhmann (VB)

I’ve been contemplating writing this blog for some time and had even started it a few times but I couldn’t quite make up my mind about what to write.  Originally, I had planned to write about my struggles with obesity, anxiety, depression and other life hurdles that have made things challenging for me over the years and how joining the Virginia Beach November Project tribe has been life altering.  All of this is true of course but I realized something…this isn’t just about me…this is about something greater than all of us.  This blog entry is dedicated to a concept that all of us yearn for as human beings, a concept that binds us together with bonds stronger than steel but more flexible than rubber, a concept that allows us to thrive in an environment of love and support.  This concept may not be the reason most of us starting coming to November Project, but it is almost certainly the reason most of us keeping coming back:  Fellowship. read more