This was more of a Push-It kind of Morning

The cold rainy conditions didn’t deter the group who showed up this morning. Between wet exercises, and pushing cars around the parking lot while blasting 80’s top 40 hits it was an amazing morning.

For those that ran the Shamrock Shuffle 8k over the weekend we loved cheering for you. Saw some great PR’s happen. read more

Chasing PR Ghosts on a foggy day

Of the 24 people at the workout this morning we had 7 PR’s which means almost 30% of the group had their best run in funky muddy conditions.

Don’t forget to log your laps here on the NP Tracker to keep track of your runs.

Wisconsin Notes:

Check out the details for the PR Social Event tonight at Guthries This weekends details for the

Shamrock Shuffle 8k and Cheer Station read more

Sledding through March

A small but determined group showed up this morning to help us through our very first sledding workout. The sleds were fierce and fast. Hill runs were snowy and persistent. Well done & be well. See everyone on Friday.

Wisconsin Notes:

  • Chicago is STILL leading the March Sister City Challenge against PHX and Serbia (#fuckyeah)
  • Sunrise 6k race on 3/22. See you there
  • No celebs have attended workouts yet (see below post)
  • All other info is listed in THIS POST!
  • read more

    Chicago Pride Week (CHI)


    This is a big week for LGBT support in Chicago and we plan to rock it out November Project style!

    Both Wednesday 6/22 and 6/24 will feature special Pride tagging colors. Tagging starts at 6:10 am on Wednesday and at 5:45 am on Friday

    Please arrive EARLY! (Looking at you Greenberg)

    Also on Wednesday 6/22 will be our annual yearbook photos!!! Our theme this year is going to be “At the Beach” so interpret that as many ways as you wish. Same thing applies. Please show up early! read more

    United State of Women – NPCHI Edition

    United State of Women Chicago

    “Not much of an introduction is needed here. Emily has been a core member in Chicago since the beginning and has even recruited people from a hot tub (BALLER). She also does Triathlons and did one using Chicago’s bike share which is a  tank of a bike. Needless to say, she’s awesome. So listen up, pump it up and get ready for some NP fun.” NP_CHI Leaders – OUT!! read more