Why NP Cheer Stations are AMAZING! (Guest Blog)-VB

Hi! I’m Jennette. You may know me as Rainbow, or Rainbow Unicorn. I’m an introvert with social anxiety who loves cats. I have probably told you way more about cats than you ever wanted to know. But that’s not why I’m here, writing this blog to you. I’m here to ask you to join your fellow tribe members at the Harbor Lights Half Marathon and 10K cheer station 11/24/19. If you are running the race, like I am, you will have the joy of running past a pretty ridiculous group of people cheering your name.  read more

How to Run a Kick Ass Cheer Station (ATL)

The November Project ATL tribe ran what was possibly the best cheer station ever seen at an Atlanta race. (Okay, WE think so, there was no official award.) We spent 5 hours spreading good vibes and cheering on runners for Atlanta’s biggest spring race, the Publix Georgia Half and Full Marathon. The runners loved it and we were greeted with smiles, words of thanks, high fives and more! Thanks to all the tribe members that came out to help us make it a memorable race for everyone – Ben, Stein, Niamh, Julia, Andrea, Emma, Maddie, Tim, Gabi, Dara, Alexa, Danielle, Courtney and Chris (WHO CAME ON HIS BIRTHDAY!!)

CONGRATS to all our Tribe members who ran!

Half marathon – Coco (PRed today wooo!!), Courtney, Stu, Shauna, Carol

Full marathon – Andreas (first marathon), Ben (first marathon), Colin (first marathon), Allison, Casey, Jessica, Matt Taylor

So here’s how we did it, with the help of our many other NP tribes and their ideas…


We have an epic speaker, and had tunes rockin’ all day! 90s hip hop, house music, 80s jams… the playlists kept rotating out. As long as we could dance to it, we kept the music bumpin’.


Tribe leader Alexa just happens to have a chicken costume that she likes to bust out on random occasions. This was the perfect opportunity. A little clever signage kept everyone laughing – “I just want to cross the road” (because WHY did the chicken cross the road.) Tribe member Ben Kora wore his “hearts” suit with the sign “I like Fast women.” He also put his number on his abs…we’ll see what happens with his dating life!

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We were wild and crazy this morning as @novemberprojectatl cheered on the Publix Marathon and Half racers! I didn’t think I’d have not running, but I had a blast!! We spread #goodvibes and #sweatyhugs! – – – #novemberprojectatl #chickeninATL #gamarathon #cheerstation read more