Suns Out, Guns Out!

Holy hell the blog is late!

It was a whirlwind day of sunshine, sweat, sprinting… and I haven’t even gotten to the workout yet! Today we celebrated the birth of one of our own, a Dirty 30 for a dirty 30! New NPSD B-day traditions were made: including, but not limited to, sole possession and dictatorship of the Cow Bell during said day of birth. #sorrywerenotsorry. The “Fabulous” birthday sash is now in full rotation, so just keep those fingers crossed your birthday lands on a Wednesday!

The energy was high and the sun was hot. People were taking layers off faster than the weirdos on Jerry Springer – and Suns Out, Guns Out was in full effect! We may be getting older, but fuck do we look good! With newly named “age appropriate” exercises, the tribe wrung out some wrinkles, defied gravity, chased down time, and no one pooped their pants! All in all, a successful Wednesday morning!

Hope y’all are keeping cool and steering clear of those pesky fires – don’t forget to bring a date next week for Speed Dating Tabatas!

As Always – Be Happy! Be Strong! Be Bright SD!
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