Stronger 2gether. (BOS)

A Monday morning like any other, except this morning we were joined by some friends, old and new, around the famous Arthur Fielder Head Statue down by the banks of the river Charles. The Esplanade Association has graciously partnered with us to host a MONTH of Monday workouts along the river and offered to not only share with their community but also keep us fueled and warmed with some post workout snacks and treats.

There was a moment this morning when I ran up to the workout at 5:59am and saw they Kelsey and her Esplanade crew were already setup and ready to start checking people in and distributing buffs and gloves. WHAT?! We’re not the only crazies up this early?!

They do it because they see the value in continuing to build our community AND I’d bet that both inside and outside our workouts we probably use their stomping grounds on a weekly if not daily basis.

We’ve got this month to show our appreciation for all they do to keep the esplanade the hip place to be, so let’s make each Monday just a little bit bigger. We’re in a central location so use this to recruit that coworker, turn to the person behind you in that cafe and let them know what we’re all about. We are stronger together. November Project, NP Boston, Esplanade Association and all of you. So continue showing up, continue recruiting and a little reminder to just thank the people behind the scenes that make your day’s just a little bit brighter.


Next Monday (2/10) : Same Place, Same Time. Arthur Fielder Head Statue. 6:29am we bounce.

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