Spooktacular Race Day (YEG)

Year after year people’s ingenuity in costume design always amazes me. Today I was even more amazed since there was the added challenge of it being a race-day workout! You all put some amazing effort into this morning. Very few people can say that they ran up flights of stairs alongside a murderous clown, Ironman, and a penguin! Monday’s pumpkin relay, activities like today, and this amazing NP movement remind me not to take life so seriously and have a little lot of fun. It’s pretty easy to have fun on a day like Halloween – it’s a top tier holiday. Excessive candy, no obligatory gift buying, and spooooooooky freights – it’s amazing!! It also includes sitting down and scaring your pants off watching scary movies. That said I think the genre needs a bit of an update. Don’t get me wrong there are some tried and true traditional terrors:

  • Jump scares;
  • bumps in the night;
  • vampires (normal and sparkly);
  • Frankenstein’s monster
  • haunted houses;
  • werewolves
  • zombies; and
  • ghosts.

These still work perfectly fine but to really strike fear in this day in age you need to pull from some #firstworldproblems. Don’t be surprised if the next scary movie you watch features things like:

  • 1% phone battery left;
  • check engine light;
  • student Loans;
  • blue screen of death;
  • receiving an actual phone call;
  • super slow Wi-Fi;
  • no more wine left;
  • taxes;
  • housing prices;
  • due dates; or the scariest of them all
  • getting no likes on a social media post.

Faced with these modern terrors I think I might choose to take on the traditional monsters instead haha.

Thank you for showing up this morning (even if leadership didn’t show up until the very end)! You all continue to be amazing and inspiring; making this group all the better for it. Have a fantastic rest of your day and I’ll see you Friday at Walterdale Hill!

Rob (aka not Nadim)

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