Silent but Deadly (YEG)

This workout was inspired by my dinner last night… Burritos. To be honest, I only had one, so I guess it was inspired by Burrito (singular).

My favourite burrito is called a California Burrito, which you can only get in California, and here’s how the workout all came together…

  • Veggies: Usually there’s a mix of veggies (mostly peppers and onions) in there. This is equivalent to the mix of exercises that you did.
  • French Fries: The unique thing about a California burrito is the addition of French fries. French fries are long and straight, like the run you took to the lookout point.
  • Slowly cooked beef: These were the slow motion pushups
  • Guac: Today’s workout was missing the guac, because we only have 30 minutes at the workout, and everyone knows that good guac takes at least an hour to make.
  • All wrapped in a flour tortilla: Post workout hugs, obvi.

And when you put them all together, you get a silent, but deadly combo.

Moving forward, I’m going to measure how quiet we are by the number of complaints we receive. The three we have received before noon is far less than the number we received a few months ago when we were across the street. We’re making progress folks.

This is all a lie, I didn’t design the workout, or have a burrito last nite. But one thing that will always be true, is that this blog is brought to you by Moonshine Donuts (I crushed 3 of those yesterday).


Wednesday, we are at Commonwealth for potentially the last workout there this year.


Find the Good,


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