Ribbit Ribbit Ribbit (YYZ)

I promised you a lame Prince Charming joke but it’s not going to happen I’m afraid. Nothing on Sickipedia was appropriate. I don’t know what I expected.

Wisconsin Notes: Buffs. Cards, Froggers and Stairs. Positivity Award.

I have a new hashtag for us. #WhereIsNick. Look through some of the group photos, you’ll understand. He seems to crush the workout, and then disappear like a badass ninja. He hits the Steps other mornings too. That’s badass.


Michelle and I had a bit of a planning session this weekend, and we were seriously fucking excited about this morning’s workout. Who doesn’t love stair sprints, push ups and our new favourite exercise: froggers? I experienced FOMO during the workout. I experienced FOMO at work today. I’m still experiencing FOMO now as I write this. Those Joker cards were no joke. 20 tuck jumps, 20 squat jumps and 20 skater jumps? 20 tri dips, 20 push ups, 20 burpees? Did Ben and Arden repeatedly pull Jokers? Yes. Did anyone count how many reps they did overall? Probably not. Does it matter? Not even slightly. Fun was had, hugs were exchanged, and we all got a little bit stronger. That’s what this is all about.

Francis: Registered Nurse and Registered Push Up Machine.

#PositivityAward – This week’s the Award went to Steph. Looking back on past photos, today was her 25th workout with us. The 25th morning that she’s showed up with smiles, hugs and one hell of an “I-eat-100-plus-froggers-for-breakfast” attitude. Not to mention the 10km cycle to and from the workout. Steph is moving to Seattle there, and whilst we’re sad to see her go, we know that Seattle is in for a treat!


Buffs – there’s still a few left. Get them while they’re hot, because you’ll look damn hot in them. As evidenced by the above picture. $5, drop me a message if you want one.


Next Week: PR Day. Given the cold, we won’t be tagging. It looks lousy when we tag in the cold, and no one likes lousy tags. Pray for warmer weather in March!

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