Rewrite History. #NPfairytales

Rewrite history.  When you really take a second to think about it, that’s exactly what we did this morning.

I know we’ve heard that phrase before and it probably went in one ear hole and out the other ear hole.  Seems like a pretty daunting and impossible task.  Right?!  How the hell am I supposed to rewrite the past?  I can’t go back in time, I’m no Marty McFly or Doc Brown,  I can’t change what’s already happened.  That’s probably true…

But when you’re dealing with imaginary history (or self-created worlds), like the timeless tragedy of Romeo + Juliet, you can ABSOLUTELY do whatever you want.  You can rewrite it, you can chop it up, insert some content, diverge down the yellow brick road, really any direction you want to run with it and my only suggestion to your remix is BIG, it’s AUDACIOUS and it’s FUN AS HELL.

A lot of times we fall into the patterns of what we’re familiar with, what we’ve been taught or what story we’ve known to be true.

As soon as I said hey we’re doing a Romeo-and-Juliet-partner-workout today, you all jumped to the conclusion that we’d be ending up like the two star-crossed lovers.  But naw, I wasn’t going to let that happen.  In fact we did the opposite, we woke our yawning butts up, moved, explored (some places we probably weren’t allowed) and laughed those same butts off.  If that’s not LIVING at it’s finest than I don’t know what else is!

Even at NP, a movement that at it’s core was created to frivolously stir the routine pot until it tipped over, came crashing into a million pieces and send chaos pouring through the street of Boston (or one of the other 48 cities this thing shakes), we fall into routines, patterns and stories.  We love Wednesday and Fridays because we know, at this point, what to expect.  The story is written.  We know the setting, we know the characters, the plot, the ending — it’s going to start off with a bunch of hype, suck at some point and end with us skipping off into the sunrise like little 4 year olds.

But Monday’s aren’t like that.  They can be if we let them, but Sunday night when I was scoping out the ORIGINAL SPOT with a ton of beautifully manicured stairs I was not really excited about what I was coming up with.  On my iphone screen, with the google earth app pulled up, this place looked interesting.  In person it looked fun AF but once I started filtering all the safety, and convenience filters on this spot it became a lot less exciting.  I kept mind open to the spot though.  I saw a barricaded set of stairs and my mind immediately went to how do we get up those.  We could hop them….Mom’s gone….alright I got my plan A. But there’s gotta be a back door.  With some exploring, sure enough I found it.  A completely unobstructed entry into a completely off limits zone.

Done.  We’re going on a balcony…..Hmmmm balcony….Aladdin, Rapunzel….Romeo and Juliet.

And that ladies and gentlemen is how the mind of a 8 year old works.

I guess the point (or points) I’m trying to make in all this is don’t stop dreaming, creating.  Keep rewriting history or your story, both real and imaginary.

Don’t stop at the first obstacle or second obstacle or the third because there’s always a back door somewhere.

“And never grow up” – Peter Pan

Keep those heads in the clouds and we’ll see you every Monday from here on out.




  • WEDNESDAY HARVARD STADIUM will will resume with Frogust– #JustShowUp
  • #NP_Homework deadline is Monday (TODAY) 8.13 at MIDNIGHT. YOU could win you a brand new Bern helmet. Post a photo with the following ingredients
  1. Be wearing #GrassrootsGear
  2. Have a bicycle somewhere in the photo
  3. Be outside!
  4. Tag @novemberproject @bernunlimited. #NovemBern #StayOutThere
  • 8.18.18 is Global Climbing Day. Get free climbing at specific gyms and @thenorthface will donate $1 for each person who climbs to a very cool organization helping climbers in Nepal. Details here!

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