Putting the Kansas City Bow On 2019

Authors Disclaimer: A majority of the behind the scenes work for November Project Kansas City is done at the Peanut on Main over a pitcher of beer (Boulevard Pale Ale if Nicole is ordering, Wheat if Brent is ordering) and wings. Surround yourself with greatness and you will be great.

This blog post was not, but we will still aim for greatness (in all aspects, wings, beer, and writing)

How would we describe 2019 for November Project Kansas City? That is a tough one to say in one word because each and every one of the 52 Wednesday mornings at the Liberty Memorial were an adventure filled with sweat, laughter, high fives, and plenty of stairs and hills!

Remember the great weather we had in January-February to kick off the year? Snow, ice, wind, and a polar vortex…… Yes, we pride ourselves on being #weatherproof, but Kansas City seemed to consistently produce the week’s worst weather on Wednesday mornings the first two months of 2019. What do you do when your backup plan is a full sheet of ice? But still, you showed up!

How about when we got a visit from KMBC 9 News in January? We may not have been the poor cameraman’s favorite assignment, but we enjoyed the company.

We brewed our second craft beer – “The Dirty Double IPA” and shared it with you at a workout – after paying a small 7-minute price 😉

We celebrated our local teams with our themed workouts to celebrate Opening Day (Royals), Red Friday (Chiefs), and were oh so close to hosting a Super Bowl Sunday popup workout (instead we ended up doing Sebastians in 10 degree weather for our NP friends in New England. We’ll get em in 2020!)

We celebrated our 4th birthday in September with our biggest turnout of the year! A carnival game workout, food, appearances by John and Tanya, and of course a round of Sebastians to kick off the 4th year!

Now what was some of our own favorite moments?

Most Memorable Workout (Nicole)

The Thanksgiving thankful workout. I love the positivity and happiness that came from thinking about things we all love and are thankful for. 

Most Memorable Workout (Brent)

The above mentioned polar vortex day. -25 wind chills and warnings from the weather personalities to stay indoors. Nicole and I were texting back and forth the day before asking ourselves should we move it inside to Union Station? We decided with smart planning and dressing properly that we would take polar vortex on!

You all showed up and embraced the challenge head on. We got our workout done and celebrated the only way we knew how, with ice cream!

Favorite Workout (Nicole)

The Puzzle workout. It’s fun to try random workouts and have them be successful. (We weren’t sure that workout would actually work out)

Favorite Workout (Brent)

The classic PR Day…..(ducks to avoid anything you want to throw me)…..

Seriously, this workout is a beast for everyone. But what I like the most about it is those last five minutes seeing everyone working hard and trying to get as many steps and burpees in as possible. The mental benefits of that workout are just as valuable as the physical benefits. Deciding you are going to show up, embrace the challenge, and give it your best should always have you leaving PR Day feeling good about yourself (and hopefully with a pic wearing the PR chain!)

What Am I Most Looking Forward to In 2020? (Nicole)

 Growing this community, more socials, pushing myself and others to become stronger. I can’t wait to see what you all are doing each and every week.

What Am I Most Looking Forward to in 2020? (Brent)

Like Nicole, seeing the community continue to grow. Welcoming new NP rookies and seeing our NP veterans continue to return.

Also, pushing myself to be a better leader, and always be thinking of new workouts, new bounces, and keeping everyone on their toes and coming back for more.

Wednesday morning is a chance for all of us to start fresh. New goals for the year and a chance to be better versions of ourselves. And we hope that starts with showing up bright and early at 7:59 a.m.

As always if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns please don’t hesitate to let us know. We appreciate all of you!

Have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve. See you at 7:59 a.m. on Jan. 1. Win the morning!

-Nicole and Brent

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