PRetty Amazing

Now that we are back at the Dome, it was time for us to develop our PR Day workout. We have a feeling that most tribe members might have wished we hadn’t…

The day consisted of our usual morning routine of running the stairs at #ChampionSquare for a warm up. We then developed the “Superdome Second Line” route around the Dome that included multiple ramps and some more stairs for good measure. We asked everyone to try and complete the three lap workout as fast as possible within the 35 minute time cap. Thank God Preston was there today to handle the time keeping and that Cameron had a “bum” leg this morning and could direct traffic. What would we do without them! All in all, it was a tough workout and the standards have been set. We will know how the tribe improves and really feels about it on the next PR day- November 26th…
But, enough about today… Let’s get fired up about next week. The four leaders definitely don’t feel like cashing out on our 120 Burpee bet with #NP_MSP and we are pretty sure you don’t want to either! So bring your friends, enemies, hairdressers, baristas, cousins, kids and whomever else wants a damn good workout with some damn good people. We need ‘em all to hit our goal of 120 beautiful human beings next week. Remember to put yo makeup on and warm up your smiles because we are taking November Project Birthday/Yearbook pictures.
The Positivity Award was given to Shelby today for returning back to #NP_NO for the second time this week. It was a hard workout and she had a smile on her face the whole time. Shelby had to leave before the award was given out but the positivity was still strong! Congrats Shelby!
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