PR Day and #BetterThanBedtime (YYZ)

Yesterday morning. I feel like writing about it is easier than talking about it, because apparently if I talk about it no one can understand a word of what I say. P R? Pee (Andrew, that’s not a command)? Hee Haw? Haw Hee? That bounce was fun.

The laps were fun I assume. I was too busy tagging (and too injured) to run, but people were flying by with grins on their faces, which kind of points to people having fun. Which, ultimately, is what this is all about. Even on PR Day, when you’re running a 700m loop with a steep ass hill, it should be fun. If it isn’t, we’re doing something wrong. People were smiling despite having woken up early and dragged themselves out of bed to run up a hill. Doing. It. Right.


Talking of doing it right, can we take a moment to talk about this seriously fucking beautiful logo that we unveiled yesterday? I didn’t design it myself, so I can say that it’s seriously fucking beautiful without seeming to be blowing my own trumpet. Major props to the wonderful Christina Tiffin for all of her hard work. I look forward to seeing more NP-related work from her in the future.


Now, onto Sunday. #BetterThenBedtime. Here is the event link: if you’re coming, please let us know so that we reserve enough space at our destination. A lot of this is going to be taken from the November Project blog announcing it, but with extra information that is Toronto-specific in italics for your reading convenience. This one’s a long one…

Better Than Bedtime is a run-to-social put on by November Project in all 26 cities in North America. The idea is simple: Meet in some random part of town dressed in the theme gear. Run, as a group (2-5 miles) to a destination that nobody in the tribe knows. That’s right, this will be a follow-the-leader situation. Once you and your tribe arrive to this pre-arranged bar/house party/location, we’ll all raise a glass to your Co-Leaders and fellow members of your November Project tribe for working as hard as we all do each week (all while 25 other cities are doing the same thing on the exact same night all around the continent).

Review: Gather in the evening. Run with no clue where you’re going. Party & socialize with your tribe. Look weird the whole time. Simple. Below are the main details you’ll want to know about BEFORE you begin asking questions (i.e. Claire and I should have written this last week).

WHAT: A social run to a destination unknown. We call this event Better Than Bedtime. We are going for a little run (5km tops) that finishes in a bar. So if you fancy a tipple, bring cash or card, and valid ID!

WHEN: Sunday, November 8th. In Toronto, we will meet at 5pm.

WEAR: The general theme for the 2015 Better Than Bedtime event in all 26 cities is “black & white.” Each tribe will have a more specific theme given out by their Co-Leaders which will be announced at the workouts between now and Sunday (11/8). In Toronto, we are paying tribute to the night sky. Black sky. Twinkling stars (too us, you are all stars). Moon (that’s a lie, there will be no moon on Sunday night. Lying drunk in the damp grass watching for shooting stars. Or just an orange glow from the city abruptly ending at Lake Ontario. You can make it sound as romantic as you want. And you can get as creative as you want. Personally, I’m looking forward to having an arts and crafts session sometime between now and Sunday. My Sharpies are good to go.

WHERE: 26 cities at the meet-up location (start of run) that each tribe has set. Toronto, we meet at the memorial statue at the north end of Queen’s Park. Sorry to disappoint you, but the sun probably won’t be shining and it’s unlikely that we’ll be topless in short shorts. We’ll end near a subway station so that you can all get home without drink driving. Don’t do that.

WHY: Because we don’t get enough minutes to socialize with each of the members before, during, and after the workouts. That sweaty person you just hugged; you recognise their face. Maybe you know their name too. But do you know their favourite colour? If they like gin? Whether they wear socks in bed? Time to find out.

WHO: This event isn’t for November Project members only. In fact, for all of your “I’m not a morning person” people in your life, this can be a great way to try NP. Alex and Patrick, this was basically planned with you guys in mind.

HYPE: When laying out your costume, getting inspired around your city, heading over to the meeting place, or even AT the event itself, use ONLY black & white photos when you post to social media along with #BetterThanBedtime.

HISTORY: Last year, 2013, and 2012 were very solid. Click here for our 2014 buzz.

Still got questions? Shoot me a message on Facebook. Otherwise, I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday!

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