Photo Essay

Winnipeg Notes:
•Sunrise 6K: good
•PR: good
•Scott wins positivity
•Mel takes 🔥📸
•August 16th: dragonboat popup

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and Mel got us that 🔥🥑💸 content yet again this morning. So the following is a photo essay of the morning, with some colour commentary, comments by me.

Ol’ Crazy Hands Hunter, got y’all ‘clear as mud’ on you PR instructions.
And then you were OFF, over the bridge and around the field.
Kelly friggin’ Cowan, got off a plane from a year in NZ, and booked it straight to NP. Y’all it’s Thursday already for her! She is from the future! (That’s how jetlag works, right?)
Ollie, celebrated his birthday with a BOOM!
While y’all were crushing it, we were giving you those fresh tags, keeping it high and tigh.
The spirit of retired leader Derek Page spoke through me “I need you to move that an eighth of an inch down”. PS. Willie ‘vacation mode’ Mac, booked it back from his week at the beach on his sailboat, to display his leaderSHIP
Colin rocked a subtler look than were used to from him, but he still managed to pull of ‘athlete realness’
Sarah and Dana, managed to keep in lock step of each other.
Danielle gave us all a lesson in time management, by looping NP into her long run for the week.
My Dad, got a real contender for his ‘new email picture’
Jenny managed, as always, to be just as cute as a button. JJ, not so much.
Scott was the well deserved recipient of the positivity award. Scott has been coming for a few months and he immediately bought in; he is super friendly and encouraging, he leads from the front of the pack, he shares the NP hype on his social medias. And he’s a father to young children, triathlete, and Saikel instructor ON TOP OF HAVING A FULL TIME CAREER. Scott, you’re a super man, and we are glad that you are here.
Y’all crushed it, what a glorious morning.

-Quippy M

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