Party Like it is 1999

It was another week of firsts for the Denver tribe that, today, consisted of a few newbies, some familiar faces, our first visitor from the DC Tribe named Keith, and as well as our first visitor from Africa. It was our first Tuesday workout and also our first-ever New Year’s Eve Morning workout, so naturally we blasted 90’s pop on the boom box for the first time (new tradition?). After a plyometric warm up that we made up on the spot for the first time, we dove into a workout that consisted of an ambitious combination of Shamrock/Clover stair running, sprints, pyramid pushups, and the Backstreet Boys. After getting the entire group together for one, big round of pyramid pushups and burning off a few of the calories we’re sure to consume tonight, we skipped back to the amphitheater, hand-in-hand, in a show of merriment and togetherness not seen since kindergarten. (Side note: It’s impossible to skip without smiling. It’s science.)

Finally, we ended our workout with the world’s first and longest human burpee tunnel (although, we’re still waiting on confirmation from Guinness). It was so cool that we had to warm up again with hugs, before sharing New Year’s Eve plans and going on our merry ways.

Happy New Year Everybody and can’t wait to see you all on Friday at Governor’s Park for the first workout of 2014!!!

Your flannel-clad replacement leaders who are just happy to not have completely screwed everything up,

– Country Cookin’ Katrina and Adrenaline Aaron

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One Reply to “Party Like it is 1999”

  1. Thanks for the hugs and high fives this week. It was great to workout with a tribe from my hometown! Note: It is a fact that one cannot not smile while skipping. It is also true that mile high skippers, skip higher on average, due to reduced atmospheric drag…


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