NYC Marathon Weekend Comes to a Close

Hi All,

As I sit back and reflect on the crazy (yet amazingly fun) weekend, I just wanted to express how grateful we as leaders are, for all of you and how special you make it. Marathon weekend comes with a lot of anxiety for the leaders. There are a lot of events going on. We need to advertise a lot, we need to make sure that everything is awesome – especially because there are usually other leaders around, and it seems like nearly an endless stream of events from start to finish. People come out of the woodwork for the NYC Marathon, and it is both exciting and nerve wracking, energizing and exhausting; but through all the stress and planning, this is still our favorite weekend of the year thanks to all of you.

If it was not for the amazing spirit, energy, and support you give us (and each other), this weekend would not be worth the effort we put in. However, this year especially, you took our wildest expectations, and completely shattered them. I think I speak for all of the NYC and BK coleaders when I say that YOU ALL are what make Marathon Weekend truly special. Whether it is the people cheering at the cheer station – bringing food, drinks, signs, and positive energy or the amazing spirit, strength, and determination shown by those of you running the marathon. You inspire us. Plain and simple. We want to provide you the best experience on Marathon weekend, because your spirit drives us to do so.

So in short, thank YOU tribe. You push us and bring out the best in us. We thank you for everything you do, and we hope that each of you have had a positive experience from this weekend, and will continue to invite your friends, and tell everyone you know about us, so that this experience continues to grow in the positive direction.

Much Love,


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