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Many of us do a lot of talking: at work, with friends, or, in our case, telling you what workout the work is and yes, THAT many burpees. That’s a whole bunch of talking.

But how often do you listen to someone? I mean truly listen. Not waiting for someone to stop blabbering on so you can make your own funny comment or tell your interesting story. I mean listen to every word someone is telling you and the meaning behind it.

The NYC co-leaders decided to hold an official listening session and called it: NP Office Hours. We opened it up to get some feedback from those who decide to share their Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays mornings with us. We wanted to know: what’s working, what’s not, and what’s missing.

We set up in or temporary office, a big round table, at one of the twenty-three coffee shop/juice bars in a five block radius on Upper West Side. No appointments required or specific times slots assigned- just an open door policy, mainly because we had no door.

People stopped by before or after their long runs or just swung by to get a coffee and say hi. We listened for three hours to feedback on the workouts, to social events, to making it weirder (careful what you wish for), and many other topics. We even had some people message in their suggestions.

Now with all this feedback, we’re working to implement and inject your feedback into November Project New York.  

First items on our list: highlight the recovery deck, include the tribe in the planning for socials and for workouts, more activities with our borough buddies in Brooklyn and other free fitness groups in NYC, and last, but not least, give well-deserved hype and dedicated social media posts to our badass 5:28am Wednesday crew.

Thank you for letting us listen and learn. And, as always, thank you for being here.

-Mel, Kevin, and Rob

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