NP Ninja Warrior Race Day (IND)

While American Ninja Warrior was filming blocks away on the circle, the NP Ninja Warriors were swinging swords like shinobi at the War Memorial.  Last day of April means race day, and we had some Goldilocks conditions today for setting PR’s.  Sit-ups (50), Push-ups (50), Mountain Climbers (50), Burpees (25)…all with up-and-overs in between.  I think we could have shown those ninjas a thing or two.

Indy Notes:

  • The tribe was fast AF today…was it the spring-like weather? The ninja showdown a street over from us?  Were we all high from the flat, black spray paint in fumes in the air as #grassrootsgear was being tagged?  I don’t know, but whatever it was, it worked.
  • Pro Tip: “Hip-Hop BBQ” playlist on Spotify brings all the boys to the yard…that shit is FIRE!
  • No shame in the yoga mat game for the sit-ups portion of race day. Blake is setting records using that thing.  We may have to check him for PEYMs.  #namaste
  • Breakfast club discussion: How long can you keep uncooked bacon in the fridge before it goes bad?  I think a better question to ask is: What is the worst thing that can happen to you if you cook and eat old bacon?  Either way, if you find yourself in a position where you have uneaten bacon sitting that long …then you have some priorities to figure out.
  • Why is it that when I hear the word “ninja” the first thing I associate with it is the Wu Tang Clan?  (Extra points if you caught the earlier reference.)

Anyway.  Thanks to Anne, Casey, and Kurt McGurt for their help on the paint crew!  Some masterful tags were made today and we all appreciate you volunteering to help!

Make sure to track your time HERE, you will bring much glory and honor to your family.

AMAZING job today, as always.  We will see you all next week!!

I’m the Osiris of this Shit,

  • Shaw
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