NP London Beer Mile…let’s do this!

April is a big month. There is a lot going on in the fitness world with Paris, Boston, and London marathons all in the diary. But this post is designed to inform you about the most epic event happening on planet earth this month, and it is taking place on the 20th of April in Victoria Park at 7pm. The first every November Project London Beer Mile…

Beer-Mile People pic

What is a beer mile? I’m glad you asked…It involves drinking 4 beers and running 4 laps of a track for time. 1 Beer before each lap. There are other specific rules that apply (Click this Beer Mile website link) but the gist is that this is a test of both athleticism and drinking prowess like no other. People in the running world wear their beer mile times as a true badge of honor. Sure, you’re 10k time may be fast…but what’s your beer mile PB? That’s really what most people are interested in.

So next Thursday, come join us in Victoria Park at the cinder track to have a laugh, do something a little off the beaten path, and probably metabolize beer faster than you ever have in your life. You don’t have to be insane to do this, and we don’t care if you are fast or slow, we are just in it for the laughs. We are planning to run the beer mile, then if the weather is nice we can continue hanging out in the park or go find a local pub. Below is a brief FAQ to help deal with any of your concerns. We can’t wait to see you there!   

Q. I’m not a runner, should I come? A. Yes, think of this as more of a drinking event

Q. I’m not a drinker, should I come? A. Yes, this of this as more of a running event

 Q. Can I just come watch? A. Absolutely. And cheer people on too. We will do the event, then if it’s nice weather probably stick around and keep drinking, or find a pub.

 Q. Can I invite some other friends? A. Absolutely. In fact, we encourage this behavior. In fact, even if you aren’t coming please extend the invite to anybody you think would be keen. The more the merrier.  

 Q. What do I need to bring? A. Running kit, and four 12 ounce cans (or bottles) of beer. Thee beers need to be at least 5% alcohol to be official. But if you want to bring non-alcoholic beer, or water, or milk, we don’t really care. Actually I would really like to see somebody try this with milk.  Maybe some extra beers for after the run if we are going to hang about.

 Q. Where exactly is this track in the park? A. Map below depicts where the track is. Closest train station is Hackney Wick (overground) then it’s a 10 minute walk.

BM map



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