November Project Adopts a Day for Canadian Blood Services

November Project Kelowna has accepted the challenge from Kurt Jory and Peacock Sheridan to adopt-a-day at the Kelowna Canadian Blood Services and will be filling all the blood donation slots available on Monday, February 26th. We have also challenged BARREROOM Kelowna, Lululemon Kelowna, and Moksha Yoga Kelowna to adopt (either alone or together as co-adopters) February 27th or co-adopt February 26th with us!!

Adopt a Clinic February Blood Drive Challenge

The Adopt a Clinic started February 1st with Peacock Sheridan kicking off the drive. Kurt Jory, a goalie for the Brock University Hockey Team, who suffered a life-threatening injury when his jugular vein was severed by a skate blade, inspired the challenge. He told a fellow teammate that should he die on the ice that day to tell his family he loved them. Kurt is shares his story with our community, as he is alive because of several blood donors. There are many other stories that we have heard of how blood donations have saved many, many lives.

Given blood before? Awesome, there is a LINK TO BOOK BELOW. Never given blood before? Perfect, this is a prime opportunity to do something new AND directly give to people who need blood.


– it’s in you to give!

– blood saves lives


– Kelowna Blood Donor Clinic is located at 1865 Dilworth Drive.

HOW do you know if you are eligible to give blood?

– Take the Eligibility Quiz:!

– You must be 17+ to donate – there is no upper age limit!

– Travelled in the last year – check your destination before donating:

– ABC’s of Eligibility:

– If you are still not sure if you can donate, call 1-888 2 DONATE (1-888-236-6283); they have team members online 24/7 to speak with you.

Giving Blood – What you have to do:

Please be sure to hydrate (2L day before and 1 L day of)

Eat (at least one hour before you donate

Be generally feeling well

Bring photo ID

  • BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT at or download the GiveBlood App from your local App Store or call 1-888-236-6283


Want to Adopt a Day?!

It’s simple. Just email or call (250) 979-8053 to select your day.

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