November 13. A Day In The World Of NP

by Jessie

Holy Balls…or lack of em! The San Diego women showed up in full force this morning ready for some Hump Day action. Let me tell you, our three fearless men were not complaining! … note to the men of SD – it’s yoga pants season – and all the fun girls workout at 6:30am on Wednesdays…but Dave, Chase and Kev won’t tell you that! The ante was upped today with running farther, jumping higher, practicing for plank challenges, and an accidental excess of baby Sebastians…and we loved it! In preparation for The Final Hump, NPSD has initiated a Midget Hump to cap off all workouts and get y’all super speedy and ready to tackle then end of month..times to be posted! Keep spreadin the love SD, it’s great to see this tribe grow…so many hugs!!!!!

by Nadim

November Rain. First off, Axl and Slash did not show up today.

You know that feeling, when you walk out the door in winter, and it’s warm? Well, for the few who showed up today, you now know what it feels like. A coyote was spotted trying to join the tribe this morning. He was a bit late and didn’t want to give any hugs for some reason so he ran off. Crazy Dave (not to be confused with Camper Dave) wore his swimsuit. You’d think he was still on his vacation in Arizona, but he actually thought we were going for a swim in the river this morning. I’m not sure how you confuse stairs with swimming. While we all experienced a tropical paradise up in Edmonton today, we sent some cold weather to a few of our tribes down south.

We then did our best tree impression (except for Crazy Dave, who just wanted to lie in snow) as a reminder to decorate for the winter season. It was actually because I just bought some decorations and needed to know what the tree was.

by Dan

Today Denver is stronger. We had our largest tribe to date, we tagged shirts with our coveted NP 5280 tag, and we worked our uppers and lowers like no other. After a brisk warmup and a few ‘fuck yeahs’ (there were no children present, so Dan allowed swearing), we partnered up for a 100 push-up & 100 leg-toss challenge. There were some groans, and moans, but this tribe is primed for a dose of ‘Sebastians’ in the next few weeks. Next we hit the Civic Center Park Amphitheater seats and crushed out 15-minutes of Pinwheels (diagram to follow).

Sweat, Smiles, and Strength are what we are about. Tell your friends, tell your co-workers, tell your mailman: #JustShowUp. Come join us next Wednesday at 6:15A.

by Laura

If I creepy man with a headband covering his face approaches you during morning announcements, don’t fret. It’s a Turkish Bostonian surprise visiting your tribe. And it will surely make your morning. After *finally* dishing out the positivity award to our miniature bundle of sunshine love, Lillian, we got down and muddy with a remix of The Huffman, which I like to call the Dirty Mustache Ride. Doesn’t really make sense. Somewhat inappropriate. But nonsense and sexual innuendos are the cornerstones of NPSF.

Highlights: Clayton busted his ass and bled all over the park. In a funny way. Rebecca and Natalie, once again, killed the yearbook photographs and they will be coming sometime this week. RECRUITING PAPERS SATURDAY!

by Steve (have you seen his abs?) and Danny (put a shirt on)

Proven: Direct correlation with drop in temperature and amount of badasses that show up to the Lincoln Memorial. Momma Nature brought hexagonal hydrogen bonds to Honest Abe but DCA was rockin’ this morning with one of our best hug sessions yet. We started out acapella with birthday love to Anna (Gtown Triathlon stud) and Donna (flat out awesome). The workout, we are titling “The Mcenroe,” (because this dude would show up to NP and drop more f bombs than Danny) consists of 9 tennis balls varying in f$#@ yeahs, burpies, squats, and pushups. While running stairs the balls are passed off between tribe members who introduce themselves with a hug and cheer the new ball owner on as they now do what is written on the ball. The result? Smiles, laughs, sweat, and a whole lotta hugs. After The Mcenroe workout, we did a relay race mixed with a plank hold that had the attention of Park Police (hope they know what’s comin’).

Class was in session at the end as we gave out our first homework assignment: make your community a better place in anyway, shape, or form. Due date: 12/1. We’re excited to grow commUNITy and to see all these faces next week #VerbalNOW. Nama-fucking-stay. DCA OUT.

by Ted

We experienced Edmonton summer weather this morning (around 10F) so of course, attendance dropped, right? Oh, but you’re so very wrong! On the contrary, we were just shy of 70 crazy tribespeople. Who ARE these people, you ask? Great question – we wanted to know, too, so today’s workout was, at its core, about everyone learning as many names as possible. It was a rousing success – no more awkward head nods and generalized “what’s up, man”s/ “hey ladies”. Watch out NP MSN, once we know your name, there’s no hiding.

by Bojan

We didn’t have the group photo but we did take literally one million mugshots. Giant thanks to Dooster boys for all their help. Mugshots coming soon to a facebook page near you.

Save the date – Sunday, November 24th, 6pm – 11pm. Think running, beers, and costumes. Details coming soon. Happy Wednesday!

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