No Captions Needed

Today we raced, and there are no pictures to prove it. Today you did 8 straight minutes of Hoisties and push ups, and the only people who know its true, did them with you. Sometimes it’s not about the pictures. Sometimes it’s not about tagging yourself, or the “likes” you get online. Today there will be one picture. A  picture of US. It’s not to show someone who wasn’t there how badass or sweaty we are. It’s to remind you of the hugs you had, the high fives you gave, and the reasons you got your ass out of bed today. The rest of it, we were there. We know what you accomplished. We know you’re a badass and that you gave it a million percent up that hill. Are pictures fun, sure. But today, take a minute, and remember this morning without the photos. The memories you have are what keep you coming back. They’re what keep you asking that friend to #justshowup. They’re what make this community what it is, because without you, all of our memories would be lacking. Get out there and attack Monday like you did this morning…The tribe is strong, and we know it.

Be Happy. Be Strong. Be BRIGHT SD!
Super Important Announcements:
– the #Sunrise6k is coming! Keep your eyes and ears open!
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