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During my flight to visit Madison, WI for the first time, I was reading my most recent (Oct 2013) Runner’s World issue. On the cover were several people wearing shirts with spray painted words “November Project”. They represented an exercise “flash mob” started in Boston two years earlier. Reading with interest what the editor (Dave Willey) had to say about them, I discovered that Madison had a “tribe”. I did what they suggested ~ “just showed up”. There was a vibe. Positive. Palpable. Contagious.  And we worked hard! I was hooked. (Funny since my purpose in Madison would be studying addiction).

I flew back home to make a decision about my new job offer. November Project was one of the big PROs in deciding to move my family to Madison. I have found a work out family all of who keep their eyes up and greet everyone with “good morning!”, high fives, low fives, positivity awards and sweaty hugs!


Molly…..flying on a Friday

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