LET’S HIT 250!

This morning was rad.  OB Pier is awesome.  The workout was tough, as usual.
But we’ve got more important things to discuss.  Well, one important thing:


So, simply put, just show the fuck up!  Bring your brightest smile, your positive vibes, and literally EVERYONE you know.  We get to have a ball every Monday and Wednesday morning, and so should they.  Who is “they”, you ask?  They might be a best friend who never comes out, or a relative, your favorite bartender, or that dude you always flirt with at the grocery checkout.  Or maybe they’re you neighbors, or the cheery lady who pours your coffee every morning, or even that girl you somehow always see when you run on the Bay but never talk to because really what kind of conversation can you start with someone running other than, “Hey, you should come out to this FREE workout group/community/tribe!”  Maybe they are people that used to come to Balboa, but have fallen back into the 10:00AM alarm clock routine.  Maybe your boss.  Your UPS guy.  Your masseuse.  Is my point landing?  Invite EVERYONE!  Invite 50 people and hope that 3 show up.  Invite people who don’t get to experience this tribe the way you do.  It’s time to show off, time to take pride in your tribe, and time to celebrate.  Let’s make this Wednesday a PARTY!

Theme: #weatherspoof  Think winter hats, scarves, rain jackets, and anything else ironic – SD is full of sunshine, and on Wednesday, a little bit of sarcasm too…)

NPSD #weatherspoof

When: Wednesday – photos start @6:00AM – workout starts @6:29AM – fountain by the Natural History Museum – you get ONE photo, so make it count.

Oh, also, almost forgot – TATTOO VERBAL – If we hit 250 tribe members this Wednesday, your semi-tattooed co-leaders, Euge and Ash, along with your bare-naked, body is a temple, tattoo prude co-leader, Angelo (that’s me) will be getting tattoos to celebrate the tribe.

Honestly though, I don’t know if you guys can pull it off… Prove me wrong, anyone?!?

Some other stuff you’ll have to know soon:

WednesdayYEARBOOK PHOTOS.  You know the deal #justshowup #250

Next Monday: Sunrise 6K – Crystal Pier
-Wear bright colors, in honor of the almighty sunrise
-we will be TAGGING – pride/rainbow #grassrootsgear, so bring a white T!

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