Just Another Friday, Warm For Some, Frigid for Others

by Laura

Word is spreading. Friday’s are growing. Our tribe is so excited about the below freezing temperatures that they are now coming out in bigger groups than ever before. I overheard conversations all week of “Oh, it’s supposed to be 40 degrees tomorrow? F that. I only get up in the morning to work out when it’s 30 or below.” I also have a sneaking suspicion that everyone wants to line up for Rebecca to take more photos of them. Divisadero Street is not a hill to mess with, but NPSF f’ed it up. Denver Dan approves this message.

by Nadim

Edmonton kicked some serious ass this am! How serious? Is negative 35 Fahrenheit serious enough for you? Details on Edmonton soldiers are here.

by The G Boys

Our post workout group photo was inspired by the lovable little creature known as the Penguin. These creatures huddle together for warmth, but we huddle together just because we like it. It was a frigid morning, or Summer as our Edmonton brethren call it, but we survived. A great warm up for our awesome Destination Run this Sunday. Cannot wait to see everyone’s bright shining faces in the daylight!

by Bojan

Unseasonably warm temperatures brought out gigantic numbers to our Summit ave workout this morning. Five frontal hills with a little cross-country detour, mixed in with 55 degree temperatures and 95% humidity equaled to 4.75 miles of up and down hill running, few hundred steamy bodies, and a shit ton of sweaty hugs. Our boy Oregon-Orange-Orka-Oskar-Oprah-Ottoman-Ozone-Oblique-Octopus-Odorless-Organic-Overflow-Octagon-Oyster-Orrin-O**** Whalen celebrated his birthday and construction dudes on the deck of the house nearby said hello.

On Monday, we’re meeting at Charlesgate Park for some core strengthening action. This is a run-to-and-back-from-the-location type workout, and my not so smart phone tells me that expected weather conditions will vary between freezing rain and snow so please plan accordingly.

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