It’s beginning to look a lot like SPRING (GR)

Although the winter brings countless opportunities for unique activities and personal growth (if you can workout in -20 weather, you can workout in ANYTHING – and if you did workout in sub zero weather read below about the tag), we love the sun and warmth that the summer brings.

Thank YOU for embracing all weather and whatever might be thrown at you at any workout. You bring the energy, positivity, and drive that makes NPGR better and in turn makes this city, state, and world better.

We have a ton of good shit coming up in the next 2-3 weeks.

Read all about it, share it, join us, be awesome, repeat.


May 1 – June 5 – BINGO to win Jaybird Wireless Headphones

Download a bingo sheet. Fill it out between now and June 5th. Turn it in on June 5th. Regular BINGO gets you one entry and a blackout gets you three entries.

May 27-31 – GRAND Week

Five days. Five workouts. Five tags. All at 6:01 AM.

Monday – Meet at the Division Stairs

Tuesday – Collaboration with Lyon Street Run Club – Meet at the GRCC Track (211 Lyon St NE)

Wednesday – PR Day – We’ll be tagging November Project shirts AND the Sub Zero tag if you earned it

Thursday – Yoga at the Park with Sara Van Horn – Ah-Nab-Awen Park down by the river


Sardines is like a game of reverse hide-and-seek. Yoshi will be hiding somewhere downtown to start the game. At 6:01am, he’ll lead a bounce and start the workout. Your mission is to find him and join the workout. Once you find him though, don’t announce it! Just pack it in (like sardines!) for the workout and hide with him until everyone else finds you.

How do you find him?

On Tuesday evening, we’ll post a map giving a boundary to where Yoshi’s workout hideout is located.

Go solo or team up and plan how you’ll search, whether by foot, bike, rollerblade, etc. Getting to the location is part of the workout!

The hideout is so secret not even Matt knows where it is. Recruit him to your advantage(?).

Clues will be released at regular intervals on our FB and IG pages and the map boundaries will be narrowed.

At 6:30, the final clue will be released and we’ll conclude with a group photo at 6:40. If you haven’t found the workout by 6:40, take a selfie/group photo and tag it #FindingDestinationDeck and #NP_GR  so we know you were in the hunt.

May 30 – PR Day Social at City Built Brewing Company – 6 PM

May 31- June 2 – NO Coast in Chicago – Talk to Matt about camping/carpooling

June 5 – Yearbook Photo Day – The theme is “Shine Bright”. Come dressed to workout, but also bring whatever you need to SHINE BRIGHT and get your portrait taken.

June 7 – Volunteer at 1 in 5 Marathon Relay

Click -> Volunteers -> course marshal to volunteer with us and help out a great cause and fun race!

June 17-21 Active Commute Week

Register under “Individual Sign Up” and put “November Project Grand Rapids” for group name

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