Here’s to you, Ottawa

This has been a year. A year of firsts, seconds and tenths.  A year that has brought November Project into your life. If you a regular member or hit up a workout when the weather suits you chances are November Project has affected you one way or another. When the end of the year begins to approach and New Years is on everyone’s mind, it also gives us the time to reflect. To take a moment, pause and remember all that you have accomplished, conquered and faced over the past year.  

Did you try something new? Did you reach some goals? Did you have some challenges to face? Did you make some new friends? DId you step outside your comfort zone? Did you work your body to fatigue? If you have showed up to NP in 2017, you may have done all those things. Or maybe you’ve done that in many areas in your life, in which case, amazing, keep it up! I think these are some of the ways we grow as a person. Sometimes it really sucks at the time, but you thank yourself later for being strong and brave. We think you are strong and brave for showing up for the first time, and for coming back again, and again. We do this because we love it. We love the connections, the hugs, the progress, the reuniting after one week.

When we talk about the year 2017 ten years from now discussions will be consumed by Canada’s confederate celebration, the newly elected president of the United States of America and the year that 45 tribes were part of the November Project Family. Yet, we believe that talking about politics, events and happenings is redundant and gets old quickly.  So, in ten years from now are you going to remember the first time you ever ran 6km? What about completing your first half marathon with the support of your NP family.  Or learning that one of your very own tribe members qualified for Boston and you run alongside him each week? What about that time when you ran across the lawn of the Supreme Court as a monkey? Are you going to try to reenact a Bojan in your office so everyone can understand what is was like to complete a Bojan with the presence of Bojan Mandaric in Ottawa.  

For our tribe, 2017 meant the start of November Project in Ottawa. We have learned so much getting to experience the free fitness movement here in our city. We had our first pledging workout, our first experience bumbogganning, our first Canada day workout, our first Sunrise6K, our first time changing the location and seeing if people still showedup!,

We have learned from other tribes, experienced our first NP summit ( We met new people, we re-connected with old friends, we told a stranger about it, we recruited a morning runner to join half-way through, we PR’d, we raced, we sweat, we smiled.

This has been a year for the books, novels, chapter books and this story is just beginning.  Literally we’re on page 2 of what we imagine is a series of 4059855 books.  Here’s to you Ottawa.We have loved meeting our tribe members and all the backgrounds that they come with, we haven’t even scratched the surface yet. Each Wednesday you show up you make our day that much brighter. So here’s to turning the page and starting a new chapter. We can’t wait for 2018 for more adventures, workouts, snowy mornings, new friends and lots more hugs.

If you haven’t heard about the November Project documentary, take 27 minutes to see a few examples of how November Project has impacted just a few lives for the better.

The tribe is strong and here’s to bringing soles together,

Lauren and Liz

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