Hello Darkness My Old Friend (PVD)

The best part about the end of October is not the PR Day, or the spooky costumes, or the free candy, but the fact that just around the corner is the end of Daylight Saving Time for the rest of the year.

Why? Because we get an extra hour of sleep? Better – it makes that extra hour an easier opportunity to get up out of bed and do things early in the morning. 5:27 is a LOT easier when it feels like 6:27.

Something magical happens before the sun comes up every Wednesday morning. In the hours before dawn, we sweat together, we see the steam come off the faces of friends, we laugh together.

So this weekend, when you get that hour back, think about what you can do with it besides stay in bed. Think about how that extra 60 minutes has been gifted back to you to do ALL THE THINGS, set your alarm, put your feet on the floor, and do amazing things. Because the darkness of late fall is the best time of year – it’s YOUR time.

Burpees make everything better


Yesterday, November Project shared a link for some real life science happening with November Project and the University of Wyoming. Click that link here and check it out – we need your help!

SUNDAY November 3: NYC Marathon! Join us as we head into the the big city to cheer on November Project runners (including our own Andy Taylor and John Brownell) as they take on one of the best races on the planet! The November Project Cheer Station is at Mile 14 – check out the details for transportation HERE!

WEDNESDAY November 6: Bring Your Own Pumpkin Workout! It’ll be fun, and you’ll have gourd time. And I’ll make more terrible jokes like that.

We will also be tagging once again on 11/6 – BRING BRIGHT CLOTHING! Holly pointed out today – if you’re dressed in dark clothing, we can’t see you, and it makes photos of you way harder because the sun isn’t up yet. So, bring bright things. We’ll spray stuff on it . You’ll wear it. It’ll be awesome.

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