Winnipeg! Have you heard the news?! There’s a new BUFF in town and it’s hot off the press! We only have a limited amount, so show up and claim yours while supplies last. Bring 5$ cash next Wednesday or the NP special 2 for 10$! Don’t wait too long, we might be sold out.

This morning’s workout was inspired by Le Festival du Voyageur. This festival celebrates many of the good winter things that we Winnipeggers do and love and it also reminds and teaches us about the history of Winnipeg. So we started this morning’s workout with a Canadian Northwest Passage bounce and headed to the Beaufort Sea.

We had asked you to bring a backpack to the workout (if you didn’t, that’s alright, we still love you – we’ll announce it in advance, next time) because we thought it would be a fun, challenging and different type of workout. We had team Hudson Bay vs North West Company to do a 3 person-linked-at-the-arm lunge down the ramp and gather 1 backpack and bring it back to your team, until all the bag pile disappeared, while everyone else was hard working at the Market Circle.

The team challenges didn’t stop there. We had a tug-of-war contest (thanks Geneviève for bringing that rope) which felt like it lasted forever because all of you are strong voyageurs! Then we finished with a double-person-ski race (thank you Sara for those ski boards) and it was hilarious and fun to watch! Good work everyone! Today was fun!

Kevin has updated the Shabooya award with some NP-inspiration and passed it along to Evan. Evan is amazing and has been coming to NP since September 2016. He is a badass and not only is he fast but he isn’t afraid of a challenge (especially any challenge that involves running and or beer). Even though he knows he’s badass and a superstar, he will always be there to support and encourage everyone along the way with a big smile. Evan, we’re glad you’re here!

Also, if you don’t have any plans this upcoming Friday, Colin is competing, and will probably win again, in the beard contest at Festival du Voyageur. He also has the best hair and colour stylist in Winnipeg. Come out to cheer and support this bearded fellow!

And if you do have plans, cancel them and come to Festival. You can get your tickets HERE.

Tiguidou mes amis. À mercredi prochain ♥

Francophone Dom

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