SQUAD. If you were at the Story Time workout last week, you heard from our dear friend Tomi about how he came to love November Project. We wanted to share this great memory of his from PR Day with NP_LAX, so he’s our guest blogger this week. Announcements below his story.

Morning Run November Project – 8/30/17

I don’t want to go to NP tomorrow morning. First off I am already tired and it’s only Tuesday, second I had a huge dinner tonight and running on a full tummy is never fun, third I have to wake up at 4:25 to make it there by 5:27, and fourth I was sick and missed about 2 weeks at the gym so I don’t think I will PR for the second time in a row. I’m pretty sure there are more reasons that I cant think of…

But I promised myself that on every PR Day I would just SHOW UP and gauge where I am from the previous month.

I still set my alarm and tell myself that I can’t hit snooze in the morning because if I do first off I will be late and what the point of showing late and second I don’t want Apple to think I am a loser. (I have this new conspiracy theory that Apple is probably keeping track of how many times I hit snooze in the morning and they must know that I am dissatisfied with aspects of my life based on how I would rather hit the snooze button multiple times rather than get up at the first alarm.)

Maybe that provides me with a little more motivation because I get up at the first alarm and jam to the new T Swift ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ the whole way and make it to NP on time. To my surprise it is warmer than the beach and this feels good. My muscles immediately tell me ‘thank you’ for leaving MN and coming to a place that is warm almost all year round. Maybe it’s the good vibes from Taylor or the warm weather but I already feel thankful to myself for making the trip and showing up to PR Day. The morning chant had a ton of energy I wish I could remember what we chanted but it left me the way it should: pumped and ready to eat this hill for breakfast. I didn’t get off to a great start in the first lap but I found a great pace and finished the first lap at a time of 7:44, and a lap time of 8:13 for the second lap (total time of 15:57 for the first 2 laps).

Running at the Griffith Observatory provides a very unique, busy, yet peaceful view. Every time I am there I take a moment to take in the view, relish the fact that I live in LA and scream out over the city GOOD MORNING LA! I AM HERE!! THANK YOU FOR HAVING ME!!!

It has become a regular thing I do on my run that stemmed within from a place of anger. I used to yell ‘good morning LA I’m here!’ As a spite to the city for making it hard on me to be here. But one time after I yelled it out Jesse yelled back ‘and the city is happy to have you here!’ It changed my view and reminded me that I am here. I didn’t crawl back home I am still surviving. And the city is happy to have me here.

I don’t see the couple standing around the corner taking in the view but they give me a ‘woot!’ and I am happy to share the moment with them.

I told myself you are on pace to PR. And I had a moment of clarity because whenever you show up for runs or life you are always have the opportunity to set a PR. I push harder and I will create the difference between PR’ing and not PR’ing. I make it up the first hill with my energy intact and although I am too tired to think about it, this is a good sign that the run is going extremely well. On the second hill I am mentally ready. I hug the turns like I didn’t in the first 2 laps and feel a surge of energy. I yell to another NP’er ‘YOU ARE AWESOME! YOU OWN THIS HILL!! YOUR NAME IS WRITTEN ALL OVER THE SIDE OF THE HILL!!!’ while I push through to the top. I sprint the final straightaway and cross the finish line with a time of 23:52. I pump my fist and surprise myself with a loud YES! Its only 1 second better than my best time but…I PR’D!!!

This means so much to me because the last couple of weeks have been exhausting and to accomplish your goal when things don’t seem to be going your way is gives an individual a higher level of accomplishment. The high that I felt on this morning is something that I felt I had to share with you. So if you find yourself struggling through anything in life. JUST SHOW UP you never know what will happen.


HALLOWEEN: We’re switching things up a bit this month. PR Wednesday will take place on week early, on the fourth Wednesday in October (October 24) at Cleveland Cascade, so that we can have a COSTUME PARTY at our regular meeting place on October 31. Start getting your costumes ready NOW. 

ENDURANCE CHALLENGE: ECS California is next month! Sign up ASAP if you want to run the marathon relay, the marathon, the 50k, the 50-miler, or the half marathon. Details here.

MONDAY POPUP: The day after the Endurance Challenge, Monday November 19, we’ll be be hosting a popup workout at 6:30am for traverballers who want to check out NP OAK. We’d LOVE everyone in the tribe to turn out, check out a new location (TBD), and meet some friends from other tribes. 

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