“Good Work” and Sleepy Carl: Guest Blog by Jess- NP_BAL

Today was a big day in the NP community. We brought on two new tribes ( London and Amsterdam…welcome to the squad), hit massive numbers in  Baltimore ( What’s the deal with 6:30 only having 30 more people than 5:30? SLEEP PEOPLE! But yeah 200+ people is pretty rad) and handed out a whole bunch of sweet, outdated shirts. More importantly, however, we passed off the positivity award to another important person, our girl Jess. Jess has been haunting the halls of November Project for months now and is a wonderfully weird, incredibly positive force. Read her blog post. Get to know her….after all, this is what NP is all about. (Also, she’s funny as shit).



“Good work”

Spoiler alert: You may not know this about me, but I don’t like working out. I don’t like sweating, I don’t like feeling out of breath, I don’t like muscle aches and pains. I just don’t. Will I ever? Unclear.

What do I like? Getting faster and stronger, and looking like I’m in some type of ‘shape.’ I also like soft pretzels (preferably with crab dip), mac and cheese, and barbecue (note: I am actively involved in the debate that ensues between what this term means in the north vs. south, a topic for another blog post. #vinegarBasedOrGTFO). Also beer exists, so there’s that. “Well that’s gunna be a tough road for you then,” you just thought. #noPainNoGain

Thanks, I got that, but luckily I have November Project to allow me to fulfill my dreams of muscle definition while also being a living piece of garbage. November Project has welcomed me, the anti-fitness enthusiast, with open, sweaty, very sweaty, arms. Also my brother made me go. #NP_DC

But waking up already sucks on its own. Add in a dose of pre-daylight hours and a heaping portion of cardio, and I’m almost ready to bail. I’ve always said the hardest part of the workout, is getting out of bed #sleepyCarl. But the second hardest part, is just putting one foot in front of other while I’m day-dreaming about all the soft pretzels I haven’t eaten yet.

Sometimes, I think I can’t do it. And maybe there are days when you think you can’t either. So now you’re asking, “Hey, Jess, how do you get through the workouts? Even the really tough ones that STILL end in a stair burnout, which always makes sense.” Well when my hamstrings are burning on the stairs, my arms struggling to go down on those burpees, and when I know I have terrible form on jump lunges, it’s these two words that keep me going: “Good Work.”

For me, when you’re coming up from behind me to run next to me, or when you’re getting a little hyphy and passing me, or when you’re leaving me as your partner to “do the next exercise which doesn’t require partners” (even though we just totally bonded), a little “good work” is all it takes for me to power through. It lets me know that you see me, even if I can’t see me. I know I’m going to be out of breath, I know I’m going to sweat, I know my muscles will ache. It’s gunna suck. But hearing you there with me, with sweaty, very sweaty hugs in tow, it makes it a little easier to want those abs (looking at you, summer 2017).

This week I took home the positivity award. And I like to think it’s not just because I tell Nick when the workouts make no sense or because I sprinted a full lap that one time, but because I make sure to return the favor, and tell all of you, “good work.”

While you might never hear me brag about my sick gains at the gym bro, you will hear me brag about my allegiance to my all-time favorite gym, with my all-time favorite price tag, and my alltime favorite early morning sweaty, very sweaty huggers

Full disclosure: I’m never going to be the fastest or strongest, or be in the ‘best’ shape. But I will put one foot in front of the other. I will #justShowUp. I will give it a little bit of a bounce. I will always give you a reason to say, “good work.” And I will always eat soft pretzels.


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