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Today, as is every Wednesday, was a great morning.  Such great energy and community flowing through the group as the NPNO tribe members performed the PR workout.  For various reasons, the monthly PR workout is a more recent trend for the tribe of the Crescent City.  In thinking about this new staple to the monthly routine, we figured that we had no reason to stop at just the workout.  So, NPNO is proud to post the first edition of the NOLA Member Spotlight.  Each month, we will have a blog post spotlighting one of our tribe members, getting a peek into their lives, and showing off these people’s badassedness (yes it’s a word we created and are standing by it).  So to kick us off for the first monthly edition of the spotlight, we did a little Q&A with one of the Tribe’s favorite people, Emily Ferris.

Name: Emily Ferris

Emily Ferris

Q: How long have you been coming to NPNO?

A: I started attending on May 14, 2014

Q: What do you do for a living?

A: I am a Public High School Administrator

Q: How did you hear about NPNO?

A: My good friend Sarah Bell was the first person to tell me about the group and get me to a workout

Q: Why do you keep coming to November Project?

A: The accountability, the camaraderie, the challenge, and the variety!

Q: Who is your favorite Female NPNO leader?

A: This was a close one, but definitely Kate!

Q: Give us one random fact: 

A: If I have a secret superpower, it’s knowing all of the words to Bohemian Rhapsody….especially after a round or few.

Q: Tell us something you have learned about a stranger through NPNO:

A: I just recently realized that Kate and Cameron are siblings!

Q: Do you have any goals for 2015, either fitness related of other?

A:I plan to Run 1,000 miles. I also am going to do more races in new/interesting places.

Q: Favorite Nola Restaurant or Bar?

A: Dat Dog

Q: Favorite Nola Festival?

A: It’s not a festival so much, but I really like Wednesdays at the Square.

Q: Have you visited a different NP Tribe, if so tell us about it. If not, which one would top your wish list and why? 

A: I need to get to Boston one day–I’d really like to conquer Harvard Stadium.

Q: If you were a dinosaur, which type would you want to be and why?

A: I’d like to be a Thesaurus, I’m pretty sure it’s the nerdiest dinosaur …..(hahahaa).

Emily thank you for being such a integral part of our Tribe.  So for those of you reading this post, the next time you see Emily, be sure to walk up to her and introduce yourself.

Today Bethany earned her bird and the Positivity Award! Bethany is a long time tribe member that also happens to have the hidden superpower of being a badass runner. She kills the workouts each week and killed the Big Easy 10k this past weekend as well.  Keep up the great work Bethany, we’re proud to call you a member of the tribe!


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