F#@k Yea! (DEN)

Y’ALL GOOD?! We all know the answer. A booming and resounding, “Fuck yea!” It’s the only acceptable answer. But why? What if I’m not good?

Let me start by saying this. We don’t have you reply, “fuck yea” because we expect you to be good all of the time. We don’t have you reply, “fuck yea” because we want you to pretend that you’re good when you’re not. We all have bad moments and bad days. Sometimes those moments are even on a Wednesday or Friday morning at 5:30/6:15. Sometimes we can’t stop those moments from happening. That’s ok. We all have them. They happen.

So, if we don’t expect you to be good all of the time, why is there only one acceptable answer to the question,  “Y’all good?” In a word: consciousness. It’s about awareness of the energy that we bring to the workout, and how we affect the people around us. Our energy is set by our thoughts, feelings, and intentions. I’ve got almost zero influence over your thoughts and feelings, but I can help with your intentions. We want to set your mind right for the moment we’re in. We want to prepare you to make the people around you happier and better. When we ask, “Y’all good?” what we’re really asking is, “Are you ready to give this tribe the best you’ve got?” When you answer, “Fuck yea!” what we hope you’re saying is, “I’m ready to give the best that I have today to everyone around me!” Those words just don’t flow as well in chant form.

By becoming conscious of a positive intention for the morning, I hope that any negative things that you are bringing to the workout get reframed. Maybe you’ll realize that whatever is going on isn’t really worth worrying about. Maybe it just isn’t worth worrying about right now, and this is a welcome distraction. Maybe it is worth worrying about, but putting a positive energy out into the tribe will allow you to be more willing to ask for help. Maybe it will make someone else more receptive and empathetic. Maybe we’ll all recognizing that we have the power to bring each other up or down, so we should choose up.

November Project has the potential to change the chemistry of our city because each of you has the power to change the people around you with what you bring to them. You bring something to everyone around you, whether you do so consciously or not. But when we don’t decide what to bring, rarely do we bring our best.

What we bring to the world is based on our beliefs and attitudes, which are formed by our thoughts. The basis of our thoughts are questions that we ask ourselves, and then answer to ourselves. We should all start asking ourselves, “How can I make the people around me better?”

So, I’ve got one more question. Y’all good?


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