First Snow in BOS

When Edmonton and Madison are part of your global tribe, talking about temperatures and snowfall is like challenging F1 car to a race in your road car – you know you’ll never gonna win but the experience is what matters. And our morning was all about the experience. Even thought the snow quickly turned into the rain, that didn’t stop tribe members from starting a snowball fight and ignoring directions of the workout. Even BG got sidetracked with snow projectiles flying over his head that he sent troops on their run home without taking the group photo. But it’s all good, there is something magical about the first snow.

We said it hundred times, and we’ll say it again; what happens at the destination location is only a third of the workout designed to break up your run. The other two thirds are happening on your run over and back from the location. If you join us just for hugs and few core exercises, you will NOT get the full benefit of your Monday with NP. If you live far enough that you need to drive over, park your car half way and run rest of the distance. If you live a block away from the meet-up spot, go for a long run before you join us in your back yard. During winter months we want to make sure that you’re putting in the mileage and Monday should be the way you do that. Remember, Monday = Run-Deck-Run.

On Wednesday we’re back at the stadium. We’ll use this opportunity to announce our guest leaders that will be taking care of your fitness on Friday.

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