Favourites Medley (YEG)

Today was a combo of Jen’s favourite bridge (confirmed), Rob’s favourite bounce (unconfirmed), my favourite workout (confirmed) and Andrew’s favourite thing (confirmed).

Jen want to workout at this bridge once a month. But, I try and hold her off until January so she can have her moment of glory.

If you didn’t know, Rob is part wolf. If his beard was not a sign of that, now you know. Rob also loves the High Level Bridge. He looks out at it when he’s doing his deepest thinking. This has been fact checked by his roommate.

My favourite workout is Bridge Wars and here’s why. There is never a winner, and what you realize is that everything you do has a big impact on your partner. What ends up happening, is that you both have to work together, and that you really just end up in a race against time. And in the end, no one wins anything, but what you have hopefully learned to work together with someone.

Andrew’s favourite thing, I’ll let you figure that one out. But let’s just say that it’s not not showing up.

See you Wednesday at the RG Stairs

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