December 11th, 2015

December 11th, 2015.

That’s right, this date will be remembered for a while.  It’ll go down in NP history — unless next month is even fiercer, even larger, even louder (in a ninja-voice kinda way) and we start talking about January 8th, 2016 and then March 10th, 2079 (it’s the second Friday and just so happens to be my 91st birthday, PARTAAAYY and you’re all invited).  Hmmmm, yup that’s definitely happening.   It seems almost impossible to top a day like today, but then again with the momentum of this tribe, I’m not sure what we can predict anymore.

So what was it about today?! I’ll list some, there are definitely more, but these stand out:

-Somewhere around 72 bajillion people showed up to the top of Summit Ave for the third official #PRhills and everyone raced.  Like REALLY raced, so hard that their perspiration fogged the entire neighborhood. Nicely done.


-A day where I may have most definitely forgot English and word vomited directions all over you, somehow you managed to follow along.  Again nicely done.

-Too many people PR’d, we knew you wanted hats but you, this morning, you REALLY wanted hats.

-People definitely yaked.  Has this ever happened on a hill workout before?! Thats legit.

Photos not rated #NP17 (there’s a throwback hashtag for ya)

-We got BLUE spray dots!

-Apparently a lot of us are good at running from the police.


-We Simba’d Micah and Marcus.  Was it weird? yes.  Did they enjoy it?  not sure.  Did we enjoy it?  yes.  Are we a cult?…..


-We learned that when the photographer tells the group to get as excited as they can, said photographer should not join in or the group photos are…..creative.


(Seriously?! how does one do this?)

-But the most important is that the tribe is full of support.  For themselves, for one another, for this tribe and for this city.  As I’m going through the photos, I notice people are looping back to finish with other racers.  Others are cheering, high-fiving  all the way up the final stretch.   The encouragement that we had for one another this morning was top notch and I’m not sure it gets better than this.  This is what creates the energy and the momentum around this group.  We are redefining what it means to “race”.  Besides maybe some healthy shit talkin’, some elbowing at the line and a desire to maaaybe beat some faster racers (sounds like a race to me); we help each other improve and get faster and PR.  Its not a “me vs you” race, its a “we’re a bunch of badass athletes trying to make it in this.”  This morning was unreal.

Monday’s DD #destinationdeck is here.  #verbal, #justshowup and recruit. yes RECRUIT everyone you meet from now until….we realize this shit is too big and need to scale it back.  Let be honest THAT day, unlike March 10th, 2079, is never going to see the light of day.

Wear your #PRhats with pride.  They are NOT easy to get.  If you see someone wearing one around the city, introduce your face to them, hug them and congratulate them.   #earnedfashion

Carpe the fuck out of this Diem and this weekend.  See you Monday.

Much love,



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