Commonwealth Stairs and NP Summit 6 Debrief (YEG)

Wisconsin Notes (a quick summary of today and this blog):

  • ♫ The cold never bothered you anyway ♫ so you woke up and you showed up
  • You crushed those stairs
  • We took a picture
  • Jen went to work
  • The 6th NP Summit was a thing and it was AMAZING
  • 6AM workouts can’t stop and won’t stop
    • Friday – Walterdale Hill
    • Wednesday – Commonwealth Stadium for Race Day and the FINAL WORKOUT AT COMMONWEALTH THIS YEAR (soak it all in before we head back to RG stairs on Oct 3rd)
    • Monday – Somewhere in the city

Blog (pleasantries and greater details):

When your friends or family members bring up questions about how you like to spend your mornings or when the topic of physical activity comes up, you undoubtedly have your own unique script explaining November Project:

            “…it’s this grassroots, community, thing…”

            “…I know it’s early but it’s really fun…”

            “…there are kids and dogs sometimes, even my mom shows up…”

            “We like hugs and/or high fives

            “You kinda…just have to experience it….”

That last one is why we use the hashtag #justshowup, you kinda just have to jump into it a bit. You, reading this right now, already know that the grass is greener on the other side; you click links on the twitter posts, you have calluses from giving out so many high fives, you’re weekly alarms are set on a never ending repeat, and you know how hard it can be to explain this wonderful/amazing thing.

If you are reading this and haven’t come out yet and are waiting for the right time or a sign *INSERT SIGN HERE* #justshowup

Which is why I think you can empathize with the idea that today’s blog is a challenge to write. Tasked with trying to explain what the NP Summit is and summarize what this year’s was like, the simplest answer is “you just have to go to one.”

That said I won’t leave you hanging too much. Take this blog as a sales pitch for why when 2019 rolls around you should really really really consider taking the time to go. FOMO is real!


So the NP Summit??

There are currently 49 cities around the globe that have a November Project tribe, each year their leaders, and anyone else, descend upon a North Face Endurance Challenge race. Each year in a different city. You find yourself surrounded by old friends and, even without speaking a word to them, new friends. I realize that sounds weird so give me a second to expand on it.

In my personal opinion I feel like the people in Edmonton who come to these workouts, who set that horribly early alarm clock, are really just damn good humans. There are obviously other good humans in the city but without a question, even if I don’t know you personally, if you choose to #justshowup I feel like you are family. That feeling is exactly the same at the NP Summit. Even though those around you at Summit don’t share the same area code, together we are sharing in a once a year experience surrounded by good humans.

So you arrive in this far off location all excited and you try to get some sleep on Thursday night for the impending Friday morning workout – the closest analogy is the feeling of Christmas eve. The next morning you participate in a workout that feels oh so similar to ones you’ve experienced in the past but yet so much better. It’s bigger, it’s louder, it’s epic. My words will never do it justice but maybe Dooster’s camera can help

In this specific Summit, the post morning workout was filled with time spent at the beach building sand castles and playing around. In a blink of an eye you are again tasked with trying to sleep – this time to rest before the big race the next morning.

The morning comes and you find yourself toeing the line of a race surrounded by hundreds of people, cheering you on. Regardless of the distance you participate in, the challenge is intense, the competition can be intense, the excitement and the overall feeling of acceptance is just intense. Then the after party. You partake in dancing, singing, beverages, and you have a chance to actually talk and make a connection with people from around the world. Keep your eye out for the 2018 Summit summary video dropping soon!!

While not an official part of the NP Summit, this crazy event brings you to a part of the world you may not have normally planned to go to. Which means you can take the opportunity to explore. This year lots of people continued the trip into Chicago. Many a pizza slice, many a tour, and many an adventure where had.

I am writing this blog on my plane ride home and while I am still riding the high of the events I know that right around the corner, reality and work emails lurk. But Summit 2019 is also around that corner – that’s going to keep me going.

See you Friday,



(guest blogger aka not Nadim)

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