Comin’ in Hot (IND)

Today the tribe was told they were doing 1776 burpees to celebrate ‘Merica’s Birthday. Yes, NP_CAN, NP_YWG, NP_YYC, we know, we know. It’s technically your day, Canada Day, eh! But we here down south celebrate “the week of”; like your 16 year old cousin who celebrates “her Birthday Week” (which is apparently a thing, like for reals). Or in our case: ‘Merica Week. Anywho, amongst the nervous chatter regarding 1776 burpees, workout instructions did not reach the cochlea of many tribe members. Thus, absolute chaos ensued along with mass confusion. The workout had a lot of moving parts: #UpAndOvers with star burpees (think burpee with an air jack at the top), the caterpillar (a revolving line of planking and jumping), and lawnmowers (a partner pushup with a lunge). Sounds simple and easy. It’s was neither. Props to all, especially the newbies!

From the 5:28 group, Encouraging Andy was noted for his on point cheering and positivity. And Teacher Jon dethroned Stew, as #RaceDay winner and took home the #WinnersCape. From the 6:15 group, Ed’s comical commentary kept everyone laughing during the caterpillar. Team Greased Lightning (Casey/Frank/Jason/Stew) were on the opposing side of the War Memorial from Team Massive Super Group (the rest of the tribe) for the duration of the workout. Logistics be damned, Danger. Everyone went home soaked in sweat and smiling, after mastering Uncle Sam pose.

Have a great week! Happy 4th of July! Go ahead and get star-spangled-hammered, you earned it. Or train for #ECSUT like Danger and yours truly.

#SuchWerbe, out.

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