Cold Stares on Cold Stairs

When hit extreme temperatures, it is important to be safe. Add another layer or six, cover your face, only show your eyes.  These are the days we prove that we are #weatherproof. These are the days that we set the bar for our fellow tribes down south.

I’m sure you all got told you were crazy for coming out in this weather. Well, feel free to let them know that you don’t let the weather control you, and that they’re the crazy ones for not coming for hugs this morning. You could also tell them that we had a party this morning. Is that not what the balloons were for?

For those that didn’t show up, here’s a little secret. Don’t open your weather app the night before. Open it after you sit up in your bed and put your feet on the ground. Of course, this only works if someone does not tweet a screen shot of the weather.

See you all at 5:58am at Emily Murphy Park on Friday! There will be layers!

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