Cold, Fresh Start (DCA)

Bounce w/ tribe.


Bounce w/ Mayor Bowser (and a few hundred others).

Run w/ Mayor Bowser (and a few hundred others).

Those were items on yesterday’s agenda and it was COLD. However, did I want to start my 2018 any different? Probably not. In a perfect start to the Year of the Anacostia, we participated in (and got to lead the hype/bounce for) the Mayor’s #FreshStart5k over in Anacostia Park. You know, the 5k that Mayor Bowser holds every year. We had an awesome year of successfully recruiting her and subsequently developing a dope working relationship with her team and the Dept. of Parks and Rec. They loved us so much, they asked us to get hundreds of people HYPED at the 5k. I’m pretty sure the question wasn’t even finished before Maria (and Jake and I but mostly Maria) jumped right on that with a HELL YES. If you were there, you know how fun it was. Some might say it was the freshest start to 2018 in DC.

Among many other things, January 1 marks the beginning of a X week push by most humans of the world to be better to ourselves and to others. For some folks, resolutions last two hours (no sweets), two days (washing the dishes right away) and other resolutions even make it through all 365 (correctly write 2018 and not 2017…setting expectations low helps). While we at November Project don’t employ this concept solely in January, we appreciate the naturally-timed push at the start of a new year to better ourselves. ALL year round we want you to be kinder to others (smiles, high fives, occasional hugs) and to yourself (smiles, high fives, occasional hugs, and FREE FITNESS).

Regardless, we like to hop on the train because what better time than the dead of winter to commit and hold yourself accountable?

As I attempt to regain the feeling in my toes from yesterday’s fun run/race, I’m reminded that (1) Washington, DC is by far NOT the coldest city with a tribe and (2) this city is full of beautiful humans.

Cold is cold, don’t get me wrong but thankfully (solely based on weather patterns and norms) we don’t live in Winnipeg or Edmonton, Reykjavik or Grand Rapids. These and many other tribes get WAY colder and WAY more snow. That being said, we can still call ourselves #Weatherproof because we work out in single digits (ºF) and sometimes negative wind chills. But if those guys can do the same in a meter of snow AND -31ºC (without wind chill), we can DEFINITELY survive here. You just have to remember to LAYER.

On a sunny (and did we mention it was cold?) New Year’s Day, beautiful humans from all corners of the city came out to join in some #FreeFitness. We got to lead the bounce and from up on stage I must say the number of beautiful, smiling humans warmed my heart (but not my toes). At November Project DC, we’re going to continue to try and get each and every one of those heart-warming Homo sapiens to join us on MWF and share in the positive energy we experience 3x/week. All ages and all levels, everyone is welcome at NP. So if you know how awesome it is, keep telling everyone you know and meet! (Tips on how from an old blog)

With that, here’s to a brrrrrright start to 2018. See you at the next workout!

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