Breaking News, from Katie Korec: We Missed You (DCA)

Don’t be confused. Don’t get it twisted. Our very own Katie Korec (NOT Katie Couric) is a hardcore NPDC tribemember. What makes her so hardcore, you ask?

For starters, she’s joined us for workouts in the snow,

for workouts in the sand,

…WAIT. Wait, wait, wait. Those aren’t pictures of workouts. Katie! Where were you this morning? Were you lost in the snow/sand? Were you so hyped about the CAPS Stanley Cup chances that you just HAD to get out on the ice?

Or were you equally hyped about your own accomplishments, you were still celebrating (which is MUCH more important than some silly hockey game)?

Or did things just get a little too crazy last night?

We’re supposed to tag shirts, not walls. Even more heartbreaking was the lead-up to this morning’s workout…the HYPE as some like to call it. You left your hoodie and water bottle at the workout on Monday and even though you knew it meant having to sing ‘I’m a little teapot’ or ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’, you told us you were going to be there this morning to pick them up. By 7AM, our hearts were crushed. More crushed than you crushing this hill.

We’re not mad, just disappointed. We missed you, Katie. See you soon. We still have your things.

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