Breakfast of champions

No time was wasted this morning as the tribe promplty walked into a sexy-deck-Friday warm-up, followed by a race for Friday fame and glory through five sets of hill/stair combos and finished up with a yoga circle. How’s that for a well rounded mother fucking breakfast? We haven’t seen a breakfast bowl of excellence like that since Doug Flutie was the poster boy of Wheaties. Props to Julia and Dustin who set the record to beat on the hills with a rough time of 15 minutes to complete five hills (1.8 miles). We’re no mathletes here but we think that averages to about three minutes a hill as the goal to beat.  #challengepresented.

No sooner did Dustin leave everyone in the dust (ha!) than were we forced to bid him farewell.  He who tricked us into thinking he was our newest kindred spirit only to abandon us for his quest to find the meaning of life, which he seems to believe is located somewhere along the 2000 miles of the Appalachian trail. However, we can respect that mission, and we wish you good luck on your journey comrade. Don’t forget to stop off in Baltimore, DC and Boston on your way up. The void you leave will be evident in the new mystery of who can be counted on to get adult beverages with immediately after every workout.

Don’t forget your homework for the weekend. Who is going skiing this weekend? I bet I can safely guarantee half of you. Don’t get suckered into chair lift small talk/ awkward silences. Recruit your chairlift buddy. Don’t stop there! Recruit everybody! Wednesday is bring a newbie to the workout day. Don’t be that guy that shows up solo….

Happy weekend everyone!

– MHMoll

Who’s that loser that missed the smile memo in group pic?

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