Be Something to Someone (YEG)

There’s a new kind of energy on once the light comes back. Last week, while I was away, my three other coleaders were raving about this energy that had returned to NP.

You know, the energy that comes with light and warmer weather where people take time to enjoy their surroundings, and can have real conversations with each other. The type of energy that only happens when you’re not worried that your toes are about to freeze. There’s this excitement that comes when we see familiar faces that have woken up from hibernation.

With such a big group, it can be intimidating for someone to show up and try and fit in. And for those that have been around for so long, it can be overwhelming to try and meet or see all these faces that you don’t recognize. Where do you even start? If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’ve shown up at least once to a November Project workout. And it’s likely that you’ve shown up without knowing very many people that would be there. You see, we have all been in that place where you knew no one. But at some point, someone said hi. Someone asked you what your name was, or said that they’re glad you’re here. Someone may have just given you some words of encouragement and it made all the difference. We have each had that moment and many of you can remember that specific moment where you felt like you belonged.

November Project is built on social connection. Real interactions are what makes it so special. And those interactions can only happen if we keep on having them. We don’t all need to try and talk to everyone that shows up. That’s even more overwhelming. But, if we take a page out of Mike Angeles’ book from a few years ago, he tried to meet a new person at every workout for the year. Sometimes, when you try to cover too many bases and meet too many people, you don’t truly connect with anyone. It’s not easy to be everything to everyone. There are very few people in this world that can do that. Lucky for us, we just need to be something to someone. As the sun rises earlier and the temperatures rise, we should all try and connect with someone new. You never know when your actions will make a difference. I guarantee that as you get to know more of the people that show up, it will make your experience at November Project so much more fulfilling. It will also keep things fresh and new. So let’s all create new moments together.

Major shoutout to the tagging crew today! We and everyone who has fresh grassroots gear appreciate you.

Monday – We’re pretty excited about our Easter workout on Monday. We’ll meet outside Queen Elizabeth Pool outside the Kinsmen Rec Centre.

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