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A quick recap on an amazing pop workout on Friday! We had a kid takeover, and it was pretty amazing to see those little humans running up the hill. They may have taken out the adults! They were so determined and focused. Some may have gotten rides on shoulders to get to the top, but that was clearly just to help those adults get their workout to the next level.

Our Boston peeps showed up, and crushed it with us! Love having people from everywhere, of every sort, show up, and crush a workout, and hug it out. Its pretty cool to know that almost anywhere we go, there an NP tribe to check out, and workout with.

Alright, Fridays are now pop ups, so will be more sporadic, so pay attention to that social media, and get ready, pumped, excited. Why not just bounce on the spot where you are right now, and recap our Friday bounce, in honour of July 4th, we did this: Red, White, Blue, we Love You! ‘Louder’, Red, White, Blue, We love you! ‘louder’….you get it! Happy 4th to our peeps down South!

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